Tree Contest 2013 - Home Sweet Home
Posted by Francis Dec 18 2013 03:41 GMT in Digibutter News
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A time-honored tradition around here is the annual Tree Decorating Contest. This year will be a bit different. Instead of just drawing a tree like in recent years, or just placing ornaments like in the early years, we now can do much much more.

This year the tree decorating will take place in the betalands, and you will be judged based on the tree and it's surrounding environment. So trim a brilliant tree in your cozy room full of your favorite things, then share a screenshot here with the rest of digibutter.

Merry Bitsmas!


Reply by Mega-Sandy Dec 18 2013 03:44 GMT

"Cock and Balls by Candlelight" -by Doops

I have two christmas trees because symmetry turns me on

Reply by Doopliss Dec 18 2013 09:46 GMT
seig heil tree, seig heil tree, oh how we heil die fuhrer
Reply by Fortran Dec 19 2013 09:30 GMT
What is the deadline for this?
Reply by Gold Prognosticus Dec 19 2013 12:43 GMT
Have a tree up before December 25th, and you might find something underneath it that morning
Reply by Francis Dec 19 2013 14:15 GMT

35 custom items.

Reply by Ignorant Dec 19 2013 21:55 GMT
iggy wins
Reply by Fortran Dec 19 2013 21:58 GMT
at least meow isn't winning again
Reply by Ignorant Dec 19 2013 22:58 GMT



Reply by Super-Claus Dec 20 2013 02:35 GMT
needs more ornaments
Reply by Ignorant Dec 21 2013 01:42 GMT

Reply by Lord Crump Dec 21 2013 12:01 GMT


Reply by Super-Claus Dec 21 2013 20:14 GMT

Reply by Lord Crump Dec 23 2013 19:01 GMT

Reply by Lord Crump Dec 23 2013 19:23 GMT

Reply by Lord Crump Dec 23 2013 20:01 GMT

I added a little more texture to the tree; I wanted it to make it look like it was made out of dragon scales

Reply by Lord Crump Dec 23 2013 20:37 GMT

Reply by Lord Crump Dec 23 2013 20:52 GMT

Edited slightly for neatness and to hide the level solution/ending (not that it's all that hard to find).

Reply by Gold Prognosticus Dec 24 2013 18:02 GMT

Colour palette adjustment

Reply by Lord Crump Dec 25 2013 03:50 GMT

Crump wins the award for most submissions

Reply by Doopliss Dec 25 2013 13:42 GMT
Looks like Santa finally showed up. You should have a present under your tree (punch it open). Winning Trees will be announced later today.
Reply by Francis Dec 26 2013 07:32 GMT

i guess i should post my tree and house like everyone else

Reply by Viddd Dec 27 2013 00:19 GMT
Mexico and Columbia are the only nations left after the great vidd apocalypse
Reply by Super-Claus Dec 27 2013 01:24 GMT
WINNER: Gold Prognosticus RUNNER UP: Ignorant
Great trees everyone. I really liked how Gold's was kind of a playable story, and Ignorant had some excellent spriting detail. I'm very impressed at what yall have done with really basic custom items, expect some more advanced features soon! Enjoy your Tiptrons
Reply by Francis Dec 27 2013 05:27 GMT
So instead of voting this time around we just make trees for your amusement
Reply by Fortran Dec 27 2013 07:48 GMT
Wait what
How did I actually win
Reply by Gold Prognosticus Dec 27 2013 12:24 GMT
Gold's is just really big though
Reply by Lord Crump Dec 27 2013 21:06 GMT
Yeah. Gold's was nice, but Iggy's has way more detail in it. Gold's hardly even had anything custom, it was just tree tile spam.
Well, Francis is a macfag after all. I guess this is just expected behavior.
Reply by Fortran Dec 27 2013 22:10 GMT
can't change Franny's opinion.
Reply by Ignorant Dec 27 2013 23:46 GMT
graphics aren't everything
Reply by Francis Dec 28 2013 00:00 GMT
that's right, charm is, and iggy's has way more charm too.
Reply by Fortran Dec 28 2013 00:36 GMT
Reply by Super-Claus Dec 28 2013 03:58 GMT

I had a candlelit dinner with a cock and balls with googly eyes, clearly mine was the most charming

Reply by Doopliss Dec 28 2013 06:25 GMT

edit: you know what, nevermind; i do think gold's could have been more of a level, but i'll concede, he did think outside of the box for this one

Reply by Lord Crump Dec 28 2013 14:34 GMT
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