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Criticism and Posting
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Lord Krump

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PostPosted: Fri May 23, 2008 5:59 am   Reply with quote

I believe this needed to be said because of certain styles of criticism used.

Please, if you are going to criticize another member's work, use constructive critcism, and don't resort to simple flame/bashing. Here's an example of bashing:

"That sucks; you really should quit drawing."

This causes problems and hatred among members. Constructive criticism, however, is another case- and here's an example:

"That sucks, here's what you should do. Your proportions are unbalanced, and your general technique is too simplistic. If you improve upon those aspects, your work will be of better overall quality."

Generally, when you criticize another member's work, try to make it constructive when you do so- offer a suggestion for improvement, and/or explain why you are criticizing.

Also, try to do the same for positive comments about a member's work; put a bit more in to your suggestion than simple messages such as I like it/It's Good/Yay/Huzzah. Posting why you like it helps the member improve, as well.

Also, even though flame-like criticism is not allowed, one should be aware that anything posted in this forum is open to constructive criticism. People have the right to be honest about their opinions, and make suggestions for improvement.

Also, be sure that threads in this section have creations- don't copy other peoples' work or post a thread explaining what is going to happen when it gets done (You can post that in digiblogger, instead.) Request threads, however, are fine.

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PostPosted: Mon May 26, 2008 12:45 pm   Reply with quote

Hope you don't mind if I add a few things.

Just saying "NEEDS MOAR ANATOMIES" or "FIX THAT THING" isn't going to be very helpful. What about it needs fixing? Is it too long, too short, too ugly? A much better thing to say would be "The right arm could use some improvement. The humerus is much too long."

If 3 people have said the same thing about a picture (such as the aforementioned arm being wrong) saying the same thing isn't going to help the artist much. Find something different to comment on.

Don't hate on something just because it's in a style you don't like. If someone draws in an anime style and you can't stand anime, don't say it sucks just because it's anime. Comment on how to make it better in the target style.

One thing you should keep in mind when critiquing is the difference between "you" and "that." This is best expressed through example.
good critique wrote:
I really like the way you drew his hair, it looks so realistic. You're good at realistic skin, too. However, I do have a problem with his shirt, the shadows on it seem to be coming from a different direction than the rest of the picture. It also looks kind of flat compared to the rest... it may look better if the highlights on it were a little more crisp.

bad critique wrote:
Nice job. His hair and skin both look so realistic. But I have a problem with the way you drew his shirt. You made the shadows on it come from a different direction from everything else in the picture. You also made it look kind of flat compared to the rest... make the highlights on it more crisp, and it'll look a lot better.

Notice how both of these critiques say basically the same thing, but the second one seems a bit more aggressive and rude. People will probably be more willing to listen to you if you're polite.

And as Lord Crump said, if you really can't see anything about the picture that needs improvement, don't just say "Wow, that's awesome!" "Way better than anything I could do.", etc. At least point out something in particular that you like.
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