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This is a story I'm writing that can be considered a story.
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PostPosted: Wed Aug 05, 2009 1:13 pm   Reply with quote

The True Story of Marx and his Soul
CHAPTER 1: Revenge of Kracko the Thundercloud

Kirby returned home riding on his Warp Star, and, in knowledge of his victory over the "Prince of Chaos", felt that he could once again relax, eat, and sleep; his favorite "activities". However, for some odd reason, he couldn't rid himself of the feeling that Marx had MEANT that he would be "back". But he would shrug it off every time, thinking, He's dead, what the hell can he do now? So, Kirby returned to his daily routine, and for the next few weeks, lived in peace. Then, on a perfectly sunny day, a Waddle Dee looked up to see the sky turning... purple? What is going on?, it thought to itself. And then, BAM! Roast Waddle Dee. It had been struck by a thunderbolt. Kracko swiftly came down from the suddenly visible clouds, but something was different about it. It, too was a deep purple, and the once yellow spikes had turned a metallic gray. Turning its eye to Kirby's dome, it prepared to fire a lightning bolt towards where Kirby apparently was, but suddenly, a massive hammer plunged through Kracko's cloud body and hit the eye hard. Enraged, it turned around to find Kirby, hammer in hand, preparing to repeat the attack. Thinking quickly, Kracko zapped Kirby with a lightning bolt and knocked the hammer out of his reach. Unable to attack, Kirby started to run away from Kracko. What happened to Kracko?, Kirby thought. Then, out of nowhere, a wand fell on Kirby, who caught it as it bounced off. A hat not much different from Marx's appeared and found its way on top of Kirby. Kirby had obtained the Mirror ability. Noticing this, Kirby turned around to face Kracko, who had been chasing him. Kirby lunged towards Kracko, and smashed the wand into its eye. The glass orb that held the power of the wand shattered and the shards pierced Kracko's eye, and unable to survive the damage, the eye exploded, along with the clouds that surrounded it. Kirby, exhausted from the encounter, began to head home, wondering if Kracko's true wrath was connected to Marx.

The True Story of Marx and his Soul
CHAPTER 2: Kabula: The Flying Fortress

For the next few days, the citizens of Dreamland worried that Kracko's appearance was only the start of a vengeful attack from Kirby's previous enemies. King Dedede had began acting strange, which only added to the list suspicious events that had been going on. Kirby himself had started to dread the idea that all of his strongest foes were coming to get revenge on him. Precisely a week after Kracko seeked revenge, his nightmare came true. Kirby woke up that morning to find that his house had been destroyed, and circling high above was the living blimp Kabula.. Enraged at the destruction of his home, Kirby summoned the Warp Star and ascended into the sky to fight the airship once again. But suddenly, Kirby remembered that last time he had fought Kabula, he had eaten a Mint Leaf to allow him to blast enemies with powerful bursts of air and tear the skin of the blimp to shreds. It was then that when he realized with dread that he would have to ram into the blimp that he was knocked off the Warp Star by a bullet blasted from Kabula's cannon. OH SHIT, I'M GOING TO DIE!, he thought as he plummeted out from the clouds. However, the Warp Star, or Star Chariot as it now was, swooped under Kirby and brought him back up to fight Kabula.

Yeah, the second chapter isn't done. The story is about what Kirby Super Star Ultra didn't tell about Marx Soul.
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After the last "story" you made, you have a lot of balls trying to make us read another one.
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PostPosted: Mon Aug 10, 2009 12:07 pm   Reply with quote

Textwall. Insert paragraph breaks please. x_x
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