Can you believe that 4 years ago there was no central repository of digital butterflies?
Posted by Francis Apr 16 2011 04:02 GMT in Digibutter News
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What ever did we do before then?  In celebration of this Digibutter A-nerr-versary, I have imported all the old Digital Butterfly Forum posts into the new Digital Butterfly board to insure this priceless collection is not lost in the drift of time.  May our children, our children's children, and all future generations enjoy these forever and ever.

it's worth a trip back to where it all started, even if many of the actual photos are now broken :(

What's your favorite?


Oh boy, nostalgia!

Reply by Maiq the Liar Apr 16 2011 04:53 GMT
Can we import all the topics from Jail into the main forums, too?
This can't possibly go wrong.
Reply by Viddd Apr 16 2011 18:32 GMT
I think Pops moved most of the old jail posts to the crime lab.
Reply by MM Apr 16 2011 18:35 GMT

Whoops, I meant crime lab.

I've looked back in that place. Fun stuff.

Reply by Viddd Apr 16 2011 18:38 GMT

Importing the crime lab seems like a great idea, some of the best topics on the entire old forum are in there

Reply by Fallen Shade Apr 16 2011 19:31 GMT
I joined 2k8 (under alt).
Reply by FrozenWinters Apr 16 2011 22:01 GMT

pi nobody cares

Reply by Nastasia Apr 16 2011 23:35 GMT
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