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Posted by Francis Apr 17 2014 04:10 GMT
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This anerrversarry marks a new beginning for digibutter. The long awaited NERR 3.0 has hatched and will soon be evolving into it's next phase. I haven't flipped the switch just yet, but this site (2.0) will soon transition to cryogenic read-only mode and we will all enter into a glorious new era of posting + platforming.

You will tell your children that back in your day you used forums running on PHP and MySQL that worked in IE6, and they will look at you and shrug their shoulders as they go back to posting VR youtube-poop on digibutter.nerr 9.0 with their Oculus Rifts running an HTMLX2 browser powered by the Faceboogle Cloud

HE COMES. WINTER IS NEAR. NEA̶R̷. Ņ͘E̴̶E͘E̡̘̕A̵̸̜͔̗͓͖A̞̠͢A̸̶͔̻ͬ̊Aͩ̋̒̍ͯ̂̊̑҉͖̞̱̹̠̹̟Ā̫̤̜̠̞ͮR͓͔̲̣̺̬̞̆͌̽̒ͬͫ̕Ŗ̴̝͔̱̖͊͋̔̎̇͆Rͦ̏͑ͤ҉̶̼̹͓̺̲̜̭̣̫̮̣̯̮͈͘͞R̶̠͎͉̝͍͖̃̽͊͛ͫ͂͆̍̍ͣͯ̿̽ͭ̈̓̈͢͢͟.̴̠͔̙̻̩̍̀̀̾͟.ͯ̎ͫ̎͊̿ͬ̏̽҉̲̳̠̦͍̩̭̞̗̺̯͝

Where the *crag* is nerr 3.0

Posted by Francis Jan 29 2014 23:27 GMT
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SAMMER BOWL SUNDAY is almost here! Similar to last year, it will take place in the betalands and consist of two parts: Character and Battle. Instead of submitting your sprite to me, you will create it in-game with the new Item creation tools. Just click Edit Items and then New Body to draw your equippable body and/or head. For bonus points, give your sammer guy a themed area.

Battle will begin Sunday and the best fighter (taking into account kills/deaths) wins.

The winners will be forever immortalized in stone for all to admire.
May the bits be ever in your favor



the heads are matched to bodies by name

Posted by Francis Dec 18 2013 03:41 GMT
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A time-honored tradition around here is the annual Tree Decorating Contest. This year will be a bit different. Instead of just drawing a tree like in recent years, or just placing ornaments like in the early years, we now can do much much more.

This year the tree decorating will take place in the betalands, and you will be judged based on the tree and it's surrounding environment. So trim a brilliant tree in your cozy room full of your favorite things, then share a screenshot here with the rest of digibutter.

Merry Bitsmas!



Lord Crump

edit: you know what, nevermind; i do think gold's could have been more of a level, but i'll concede, he did think outside of the box for this one

Posted by Francis Apr 16 2013 16:50 GMT
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Six years ago I setup the digibutter forums. It was just a typical phpbb install which I started modifying, adding features like alternate characters and items that could be used on posts, users, or even on the entire site itself. Various "mod plots" kept me up late at night frantically making changes to the site. I wanted digibutter to not just be a forum, but an entire world. I found the limitations of phpbb to be too much, so I decided to start from scratch and made the site you see now aka "Nerr 1.5"

Nerr 1.5 was a hybrid forum, social network, and news site. I finally had a good foundation to build my crazy features on top of and Nerr 2.0 would return the site to it's former glory. But I was burnt-out (for lots of reasons, not just this), so I went on a hike for 6 months and got some new perspective. The truth is forums don't make good games. All the role-players left (do people still do that?) and anyways, I would probably just end up making a gaiaonline clone (which I think is about dead now?).

So that brings us today. Nerr 2.0 never happened and Nerr 1.5 is showing it's age... but I still want to make a game and I still love this community. All my ideas that I had for the original site still want to exist. So I've been working on a *real* game... a Massively Multiplayer Online Platformer sandbox (MMOPs?) that many of you have been testing (and fighting) in the beta-lands. Coming soon an entire world to jump, run, and build in. A Super Paper Mario MMO of sorts.

"But what is to come of digibutter?" you ask. Nerr 3.0 of course! digibutter.nerr will continue as a place of discussion, but with a more chat-like feel. It will run on the same server as the bitlands game, so there will be some interaction between the two. It's not quite ready yet, but expect some nice changes in a few weeks.

I haven't been this excited since 2007. Try out the betalands (especially Doopliss' clever levels) if you haven't already, and let me know if there is anything in particular you'd like to see in Nerr 3.0

Thanks again for sticking around, this place wouldn't still exist without [you]


shit what is shit is a movement or an authority a redefinition of thought or morale a conservative approach to referential subhumanity or a complete reimplementation of life degenerics available in multiple statistical analyses of influence and comprehensive vision

Posted by Viddd Jul 11 2012 23:46 GMT
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Welcome to Digibutter.nerr!

If you're reading this, you must be one of the new users who have flooded this website lately! Welcome! Our site has been around for several years, and by now, we've got some general rules and customs that we follow around here. Take a quick look at this page and take a minute to learn about us so we don't hate you!

If you've spent any amount of time on Digibutter, we're not like other forums. We don't spoonfeed you or unconditionally love you. If you sound like a thirteen year old kid who spams HI-TECHNICAAAAAL all over the chat, you'll probably be banned pretty quickly! Seriously, guys. We don't care about Super Paper Mario anymore. You can stop spamming the other phrases you hear from SPM or Chugga or whoever. That just makes you annoying. Nas, our resident Cbox moderator, will proabably ban you on sight if you're doing something stupid, so watch out!

The best advice I can give you is to lurk before you post! Observe how we act around here and try to fit in accordingly! If you've been banned or somebody calls you a faggot, you're probably doing something wrong. Do your best to fit in and you may be accepted within our community!

Remember, Digibutter isn't for everybody, especially oversensitive kiddies. Our members work hard to get rid of the new users we hate. If you don't like us, tough shit! Go away and we won't give a second thought!

If you can manage to survive us, you'll find a warm and enriching community! Have fun!

you forgot to tell them i'm one of those scary things called "girls"
also who the hell is the faggot in the wizard hat

How to fit in: 

Step 1: use no grammar or punctuation.

Step 2: cuss alot.

Step 3: Post alot of pics about celebrities.

Posted by Francis Jan 27 2013 22:46 GMT
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This year's Sammer Bowl will be a lot different from last year's. It will consist of two parts... sprite creation and battle.

Sprite creation:
Submit to me a name and sprite sheet of your Sammer-Guy. It must be the same size and animation as this one used for betalands. Each frame is 26x30:
standing - run1 - run2 - run3 - jump - jumping punch - standing punch

There will be a Smash-Bros-style battle, where I will keep track of who kills who over a certain time period.

You can practice battle right now in the betalands by entering the arena in the clouds. In the arena you can double-jump and if you die 3 times you will get kicked out of the area (your lives are reset each time you enter the arena)


Congrats to the winners: SPRITE: Viddd. BATTLE: Penguin PornAce OVERALL: Penguin PornAce

is it really that time again already?


I'm joining!


Better start working on a sprite for a sammerguy...


not unless ol' Sticklyman counts..

Posted by Francis Jan 21 2013 15:48 GMT
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It has been laid to rest here.
Let us never forget the good times and Vid's elite hax.

Gold Prognosticus
Rest in peace old friend :,(
good riddance

Posted by Francis Dec 08 2012 23:45 GMT
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MeowMixer wins again! Second: Slim. Third: Kerosena

Tied for fourth were PartyTimeClaus and Gold Prognosticus

In the "too good to win" category we have Nastasia and Viddd

And in last place was Wootman

francis why did you stray from doing the tree with a lone franis on top? i miss that.
Fallen Shade

Posted by Francis Apr 01 2010 04:38 GMT
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Sadly not many people are discovering the world of Super Paper Mario anymore.  The name "digibutter.nerr" doesn't mean anything to most people.  In fact everytime I mention "digibutter dot nerr, dot biz" to anyone they always give me a puzzled look and walk away. :(

So as the site goes in a new direction, becoming more about gaming and gaming-culture in general, I feel it needs a new name too.  I have decided to use a nametagdammit and change it to The Bitlands (bitlands.com).  The name still retains it's SPM roots, but this is more appealing to the masses.  Plus, I made a schweet logo!

Fallen Shade
franis lock this plx I'm *crag*ing sick of seeing it

Posted by Francis Apr 16 2012 03:48 GMT
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Yep, digibutter.nerr is still alive and kicking!  Not bad for a site that started about one game that released on a console that's about to retire.  (BTW, where is Paper Mario 3DS ? Maybe we'll see a SPM2 on the Wii U?) To celebrate our birthday, I created a new chat for the site which will soon replace our trusty yet boring cbox. Test it out here:


If it works well, I may make the whole site more "chat like" to simplify and speed-up posting.  Digibutter 2.0 anyone?

Here's to another great year my digi-friends, thanks for sticking around.

P.S. Look forward to a beta test of my digibutter-themed MMO this year...

Gold Prognosticus
Sure doesn't feel like five years. On to year 6!
? Block

Hey kids, I just made one of my many periodic returns (which may or may not last).  Just want to say that I'm proud that this place has lasted as long as it had...I keep expecting to come back to a nonexistent or inactive site, and you all prove me wrong every time.

So shine on, you crazy nerds.

Posted by Francis Jan 30 2012 23:42 GMT
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Edit your profile to submit your creative and witty contestant in the SAMMER-GUY SHOWDOWN.

You dare compete with the likes of Bringer of Beats?


Congrats to the winners!

#1 MeowMixer's 
Slammer of Jams

#2 Lord Cump's Starer of Grafics and #3 Shadoo's You're Mom

ill try not to draw one with a dick
Yay, I guess.

Posted by Francis Dec 25 2011 14:28 GMT
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Great trees everyone. Congrats to our winners!  #1 MeowMixer, #2 Viddd, and #3 our newest member Pavonis!

Claus and Nathan Karr were close behind in 4th and 5th, and darkz was dead last. Better luck next year!

I laughed when i saw who's tree was on the top of the page today

Woe is the faggotree.

Posted by Francis Sep 19 2011 13:24 GMT
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Gold Prognosticus

Posted by Francis Jul 06 2011 00:24 GMT
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I have 3 copies of Monday Night Combat (on Steam) to give away.

All you have to do write a review of any game.  I have final say of who wins, so make it good.

Go to a game's page then click the Review link near the top.

Gold Prognosticus
So who won the other two copies?

Posted by Francis Jun 07 2011 14:35 GMT
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In a few hours is Nintendo's press conference where they will reveal a new console system.

Microsoft's press briefing consisted of mostly Kinect stuff and announcing a new Halo trilogy.

Sony's showed sequels, a Playstation TV with 3D glasses that allow two local players to have their own full screen, and the NGP which is now the "Playstation Vita" and will cost the same as the 3DS.

and just in time for the flood of E3 news is my new site... DIGI.VG.  Pronounced "digi dot vigi".  It is sort of a re-purposing of digibutter to be totally gaming focused.  (Your same digibutter account works there)  It will only show gaming topics, and the home page will group similar posts together (sort of like Google News), so it will always be a good view of the popular latest news.  Right now it's a really rough beta proof-of-concept, but expect it become more polished over time.

This lets digibutter focus on community and other random crap.  I can do whatever I want to digibutter and not worry about scaring away people who just want gaming news (which, we actually get a lot of traffic for btw).

Gold Prognosticus
Site owners usually get some kind of information on visitor traffic right? If I'm thinking of the right thing, Francis should be able to see where the visitors are being linked to this site from - it would be interesting to know how the majority of visitors are finding us these days.
Gold Prognosticus

Perhaps something like this would be useful for users to see what other sites are available and switch between them easily. (Assuming Francis doesn't want to completely de-associate the two sites, which would be hard seeing as there's overlap between the sites at the moment anyway.)

Posted by Francis Apr 16 2011 04:02 GMT
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What ever did we do before then?  In celebration of this Digibutter A-nerr-versary, I have imported all the old Digital Butterfly Forum posts into the new Digital Butterfly board to insure this priceless collection is not lost in the drift of time.  May our children, our children's children, and all future generations enjoy these forever and ever.

it's worth a trip back to where it all started, even if many of the actual photos are now broken :(

What's your favorite?

Maiq the Liar

Oh boy, nostalgia!


pi nobody cares

Posted by Francis Apr 01 2011 18:18 GMT
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You may have noticed the "Styles" options below the cbox, this was me testing out different visual layouts for the site.  I have concluded that this new style is the best as it gives a full screen of posts with a strong visual impact.

Hover over the page and click on the Show Menus link in the upper left to show the menus and cbox.


Apparently you guys can't handle the future of blog interface design. Way ahead of it's time.

Maiq I present Smashboards. For the entirety of Friday, it played Rebecca Black's "Friday", turned the background yellow, and had a banner up saying "Friday World Forums". It started automatically and had a pause button tucked into the corner. The pause button was the only saving grace. I did not refresh for the ENTIRE day.

Posted by Francis Feb 03 2011 07:57 GMT
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Oh yeah, it's time for the biggest sporting event in the universe... the SAMMER BOWL  

You have until this Sammer Bowl Sunday to submit your prized fighter.  Then the voting battle will begin.  Name and draw your sammer wisely!

If your sammer-guy is victorious, he will be remembered forever along with the likes of Gallavanting Hero of Soft DrinksSeeker of Bukkit, and Robo Sammer MK3

May the best sammer-guy (or gal) win!


The awards have been given out and the winner of Sammer Bowl IV is...

Bringer of Beats

Congrats to Slim, a returning champion!  Second place is Vid Inferno's Mover of Pixels followed by MeowMixer's Disregarder of Law Enforcement.  View the winners here


Awwww shit.

I love how the results of mine got posted without me having to even say anything.

Posted by Francis Jan 24 2011 03:30 GMT
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Edit Profile > Disable Censor checkbox

Fallen Shade

It's about god damn time

*crag* yeah.

Posted by Francis Dec 16 2010 05:30 GMT
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Tis the season to cover trees in crap!  Go to "Edit Profile" and click on your tree to decorate it.  VOTE NOW!

The editor I'm using is more restrictive than last year's, which should result in more comparable entries.

Sorry Internet Explorer users, the editor won't work for you.  (I suggest using Chrome)

Ph1r3 App Inventor for Android's visual block language
inb4 nas cheats
and the only one without a medal is nas

Posted by Francis Oct 20 2010 23:06 GMT
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Just made some minor changes that should make the site run a little better.  Let me know if things get wonky.

Also... collapsible comments.  After you expand replies (by clicking on the number), you'll see an arrow  at the bottom that will hide them again.  This is apparently a big deal to some of you.


now make me a cbox godmin
I use the post time that the source gives me. Joystiq's post times are incorrect (EST instead of EDT) so they all appear to be an hour ahead. Kotaku dates posts on the hour/half-hour, regardless of when they actually posted.

Posted by Francis Jul 19 2010 20:08 GMT
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You can now rate games and write up a review.  Just go the game's profile or board and click "Review".   Select your rating (bad, good, or great) and type what you liked or didn't like about the game.

Your ratings will show up on your played/beat game lists, and you can click the "reviewed" link on a game's page to see all the reviews.

So, played any games lately?  Let us know what you thought!

Ohh, goody goody! My creative writing skills can shine!
Alright, now we're even closer to the same thing as old digi. Coolio.

Posted by Francis Jun 12 2010 13:58 GMT
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It's almost here!  The stream of gaming news is steadly increasing as big announcements are made and new games are shown.  Here are the Big 3 press conferences:

  • June 14th @ 10AM PT : Microsoft
  • June 15th @ 9AM PT : Nintendo
  • June 15th @ 12PM PT : Sony

I personally am excited about seeing the Nintendo 3DS, and hopefully we'll finally see a redesigned/slim Xbox 360.  Do you think there will be any surprises this year?

HE'S ALIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Francis Apr 17 2010 03:20 GMT
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Three years, wow.  Looking at last year's annerversary and the first brings back good memories.  There is no denying that this community has changed, gotten older, and some have moved on.  I feel the focus of the site has become hazy... is it about Super Paper Mario?  Nintendo?  Video Games?  or none of the above?

I still believe overall that this new format, launched last September, is for the best, but I also listen to everything you say.  I have made many changes since that first launch, and will continue to do so.

I would love to rekindle those good memories I mentioned earlier, from ye digibutt of old.  I think by refocusing and in some ways reverting the site will help.  So here is the plan...

I will break the site up into multiple websites, each with their own focus.   One for video games in general, one for Nintendo nuts, and one for digibutter.nerr.  More sites will be added as the need arises, like Crump mentioned having comic or anime sites.  They will all be connected, by sharing data as needed, and you will have the same user account on each.  Digibutter will be freed to focus on community and having fun, and it's look can change too.  Hopefully we can bring back that special something that has made digibutter our crazy internet home for three years.

This change won't happen overnight.  Especially since I will have very little access to a computer and internet all this spring and summer.  But I will have plenty of time to think and plan about the future of the site, and I want to get it right.   What say you nerrs?

Francis, you're a crazy bastard.
Multiple websites will be risky depending on how it's done, but I have faith.
damn this topic is old
no, not anymore, our old forums were closed since we got this new site

Posted by Francis Apr 15 2010 05:09 GMT
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You can now access a lite version of the site, good for smartphones and other devices that can't handle the full site in all it's glory. I'm actually making this post with my phone. It should auto-detect if you are using a mobile, but if it doesn't or you want to see it from your computer, click on the "view mobile site" link under the chat box.

This is really *crag*ing cool, especially with the RSS feeds.

Jr The Dark Knight
It works like a charm on the droid.
Posted by Francis Apr 03 2010 20:41 GMT
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posting before francis locks this. also cool
Lord Crump
Considering the site's current layout, having the ability to lock topics seems like a "we have it just because type of thing"
In other words, I don't see it being very practical/commonly used, but having it isn't a bad thing either so meh

Posted by Francis Feb 14 2010 21:10 GMT
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Some great contestants this year!  The awards have been given out and the winner of Sammer Bowl III is...

Robo Sammer MK3

Congratulations Slim!  Second place is MeowMixer's Stealer Of Bikes, and third goes to Nastasia's Master of PuppetsView the winners here.

okay, now lets all go to disney world
what do you mean
I just won this shit

Posted by Francis Feb 07 2010 05:32 GMT
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The epic battle of the Sammer Guys is back!  Edit your profile to submit your sammer.

After Sammer Bowl Sunday, we will vote to decide the winner.

Do you have what it takes to compete with Sammer-Guys like past winners Gallavanting Hero of Soft Drinks and Seeker of Bukkit???

Holy *crag* yes. <3 I always love these Sammer Bowls.

Posted by Francis Feb 01 2010 00:03 GMT
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Ever find a post interesting but you can't think of anything to say?  Well now you can express yourself with just a few mouse clicks.  You can now Like, Dislike, or Cookie a post.  Just click the "Like?" link.

  • Like - You think the post is good, funny, worthwhile, etc.  Liking also might show agreement or appreciation.
  • Dislike - You don't like the post.  This could mean it's lame, or you just disagree with it.
  • Cookie! - This is your favorite post of the day.  You can only give out one cookie per daynom nom nom

You can't "like" your own posts.  Also you can't change your like after you give it.

Are there any other options you would like to see?  Or does like and dislike cover everything?

weedlord bonerhitler
Make it show the numbers of likes dislikes and cookies without having to click
White Shy Guy

Digi isn't HORRIBLE, per se, but it's so skeletal, (as well as me not liking the format.)