Nintendo Killing Online Services For Wii, DS
Posted by Kotaku Feb 27 2014 04:40 GMT in Gaming News
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If you own either (or both!) of Nintendo's last-gen machines, and you use any kind of online service with them, now's the time to make the most of it. Because on May 20, Nintendo is pulling the plug.Read more...

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reminds me of the huge list of friend-codes we had on the original digibutter. Anyone want to play for old-times sake? Perhaps some Mario Strikers or Metroid Prime Hunters
Reply by Francis Feb 28 2014 05:57 GMT
wow *crag*
Reply by MM Feb 28 2014 18:53 GMT
We need to temporarily re-open the tournaments section of Old Digi for one last mega-tournament (or alternatively this would give Francis some motivation to implement tournaments in Nerr 3.0).
Reply by Gold Prognosticus Feb 28 2014 19:17 GMT
Private servers will save Nintendo
Reply by Super-Claus Feb 28 2014 19:52 GMT
tourbament time
Reply by Ignorant Feb 28 2014 21:48 GMT
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