Try The Chalupanator And Other Horrible Fast Food Mash-Ups
Posted by Kotaku Mar 22 2014 16:00 GMT in Gaming News
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Are you craving a bacon-pregnant burger from Wendy's, or one of Taco Bell's countless variations of the same couple of ingredients? Why not have both? Read more...


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Reply by MM Mar 22 2014 17:33 GMT
ty based kotaku for providing me with the nourishment every gamer needs
Reply by Slim Mar 23 2014 00:01 GMT
needs more doritos && mountain dew this is gmr food here
Reply by Lord Crump Mar 25 2014 12:10 GMT
red bowl gives u wigs
Reply by weedlord bonerhitler Mar 26 2014 01:22 GMT

Reply by MM Mar 26 2014 19:47 GMT
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