Google's Early April Fools' Joke: Hiring 'Pokémon Masters'
Posted by Kotaku Mar 31 2014 17:28 GMT in Gaming News
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It's March 31st, and already the April Fools' pranks are flooding in. One of the first? Google is hiring Pokémon masters.Read more...


Imaging a Pokémon AR game in which you had to travel around the world to catch Pokémon and visit pre-set locations to take part in Gym battles and tournaments. Would definitely help to get kids outside and moving about.
Reply by Gold Prognosticus Mar 31 2014 18:49 GMT
Imagine a pokemon game where you had to steal pokemon because all the ones on your continent had already been caught. That'd be awesome.
Reply by Super-Claus Mar 31 2014 20:04 GMT
Imagine the above but you steal pokemon because you're a team rocket grunt and you rise up in ranks scarface style and dethrone Giovanni also the post game would be johto because you would steal all their pokemon as well.
Reply by Fallen Shade Mar 31 2014 23:06 GMT
imaginea pokemon game were u can consensually love ur pokeymone no homo
Reply by weedlord bonerhitler Apr 02 2014 01:42 GMT
Try x/y
Reply by Fallen Shade Apr 02 2014 10:04 GMT
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