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Type: 3-stock match, no customs allowed

Stage: Battlefield (Regular)

Items: Smash Ball (Medium)

Character: Any of your chosen 3

Reward for Victory: 5 points

Show off your skill and cease the first points in the tournament! NOTE- the one that wins the match should post in this topic saying so. You may want to save the replays of your matches, and posting them here would be pretty cool.


Since there's an uneven amount of contestants, one person will have to play two matches. However, they can only earn points in one. If your name is underlined, it means this is a match you have to play without earning any points, and you're basically there only to try and prevent the other person from gaining points. Don't be a dick and just give the other person the points, that would be lame. This will be the convention for the entire tourney.

Match 1

Ph1r3 vs. Slim (3DS version)

Match 2

Megamaw vs. Hex/Sandy (3DS version)

Match 3

Metanaito vs. Shadeston (3DS version)

Match 4

Francis vs. Doops (Wii U version)

Match 5

Iggy vs. Claus (Wii U version)

Match 6

Teleportpass vs. Viddd (Wii U version)

Match 7

Grievous vs. Gold (Any version)

Match 8

DBA vs. Metanaito (3DS version)

You have precisely 2 days from the time this topic was posted to finish your match! Also, the initial topic will be locked after the first round, and hence your 3 characters will be unchangeable!


Match 8: DBA
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Match 5: Igginator

rip dim


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Match 7: Grievous

Reply by Grievous Dec 14 2014 23:59 GMT

Match 4: Doops

Ignore my pinky finger


Reply by Doopliss Dec 15 2014 00:17 GMT

Match 1: Ph1r3

Match 3: Metanaito

Match 6: Viddd

Reply by Doopliss Dec 16 2014 04:29 GMT
Damn.....sorry. I can't play because on weekdays I don't usually have access to my Wii U. Such is the case these past few days
Reply by TeleportPass Dec 16 2014 14:14 GMT
Match 2-- Megamaw
Reply by Megamaw Dec 18 2014 19:36 GMT
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