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Type: 5-stock, no customs allowed

Stage: Any Stage

Items: Fire Flower, Hothead, Superspicy Curry, Fire Bar, Blast Box (High).

Character: Any of your chosen 3

Reward for Victory: 5 points

Dress your chosen character in their queerest outfit and get ready to burn your way to the top. Goodness gracious, great balls of fire!

NOTE- the one that wins the match should post in this topic saying so. You may want to save the replays of your matches, and posting them here would be pretty cool.


Players Booted- TeleportpASS

Match 1

Iggy vs. Gold (Wii U)

Match 2

Doops vs. Shades (Any Version)

Match 3

Francis vs. DBA (Wii U)

Match 4

Metanaito vs. Slim (3DS)

Match 5

Megamaw vs. Viddd (3DS)

Match 6

Ph1r3 vs. Grievous (3DS)

Match 7

Sandy/Hex vs. Claus (Any Version)

Hurry up, get your shit together and finish your match!


Match 2: Doops

Clearly I was the most flaming.


Reply by Doopliss Dec 16 2014 04:42 GMT
Match 1: Gold
...just. I'll try to get a video up tomorrow.
Reply by Gold Prognosticus Dec 16 2014 20:57 GMT
Match 7:
Reply by Mega-Sandy Dec 16 2014 21:10 GMT
Match 3: DBA
Reply by DarkBlueAce Dec 16 2014 23:50 GMT
Match 4: Slim
Reply by Slim Dec 17 2014 03:41 GMT

Match 6: Grievous

I'll post a replay when my hands are stable.

Reply by Grievous Dec 17 2014 05:38 GMT
5- Megamaw. Vid, try harder pls
Reply by Megamaw Dec 19 2014 04:53 GMT
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