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Type: 3 stock, no customs allowed

Stage: Any of the following, normal or omega:

3DS- Rainbow Road, Paper Mario, Yoshi’s Island, Dream Land, Magicant, Flat Zone 2, WarioWare, Inc., Tortimer Island, Balloon Fight, Find Mii/Streetpass Quest, Tomodachi Life, Pictochat 2, Green Hill Zone, Pac-Maze.

Wii U- Woolly World, The Great Cave Offensive, Palutena’s Temple, Gamer, Town and City, Smashville, Wii Fit Studio, Wuhu Island, Windy Hill Zone, Pac-Land, and any custom stage with the fifth background (the one with the wacky and colourful structures).

(These are the stages for which crates/barrels take on the appearance of presents)

If you choose to use custom stages, try to make them fair. Nothing completely ridiculous or game-breaking. If your opponent chooses a custom stage you believe is unfair or cheap, save the replay (or even a screenshot of the stage) and post it on digibutter. I’ll decide if you need to have the match again or not.

Items: Containers, Food, Super Star.

Character: Any of your chosen 3

Reward for Victory: 5 points

Time to celebrate Christmas the only way we know how- by beating the shit out of each other! Get ready to deck the halls with your opponent’s blood!

NOTE- the one(s) that win the match should post in this topic saying so. You may want to save the replays of your matches, and posting them here would be pretty cool.


Players booted- DBA

Remember- if your name appears twice then you cannot earn points in the match in which your name is underlined. But still- try your best.

Match 1

Metanaito vs. Sandy (3DS)

Match 2

Megamaw vs. Ph1r3 (3DS)

Match 3

Iggy vs. Grievous (Wii U)

Match 4

Francis vs. Claus (Wii U)

Match 5

Slim vs. Viddd (Any version)

Match 6

Doops vs. Gold (Any version)

I won't post the next round until the New Year, since this could be a busy time for some people and it might be difficult for them to smash it up. Not to mention I'm still waiting on a match from 2 rounds ago. So yeah- hurry up, get your shit together and finish your match(es)!


match 3: iggs
forgot to save replay but griev can back it up soon i think
Reply by Ignorant Dec 25 2014 04:24 GMT
i remember this
Reply by MM Dec 27 2014 06:04 GMT

Match 2: Ph1r3

Reply by Megamaw Jan 02 2015 22:12 GMT

he did he's the wizard

Match 4: Dim

Forgot to save video but heres a picture of the medal scoreboard, three kills for Dimfish(Ness), two kills for Francis(Donkey Kong):

Reply by Super-Claus Jan 02 2015 23:42 GMT

Match 6: Doops

Might post replay, who knows, anything is possible

Reply by Doopliss Jan 03 2015 21:46 GMT
Match 5: Viddd
I really wish I remembered to save replays of this stuff
Reply by Viddd Jan 12 2015 01:03 GMT
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