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Type: 3 stock, no customs

Stage: Random Stage (Regular; NOT OMEGA)

Items: None

Character: Random Character (The ? on the roster)

Reward for Victory: 5 points

How well can you cope outside of your comfort zone? Or, alternatively, how lucky are you when it comes to the random button? Work with what you’re given and claim victory!

Unfortunately, there’s no practical way to know for certain whether or not everyone is actually hitting the random button or cheating and choosing a character/stage. It all comes down to trust- but if you cheat, when we’re all dead and our collective consciousnesses are absorbed into the ether, we’ll discover what you did and we’ll be mighty upset.

NOTE- the one that wins the match should post in this topic saying so, as well as the character they got from the randomiser. You may want to save the replays of your matches, and posting them here would be pretty cool.


Match 1

Iggy vs. Viddd (Any version)

Match 2

Francis vs. Gold (Wii U)

Match 3

Ph1r3 vs. Doops (3DS)

Match 4

Megamaw vs. Slim (Any version, but Wii U is only available Fridays and Saturdays)

Match 5

Claus vs. Metanaito (3DS)

Match 6

Grievous vs Sandy (Any version)

Hurry up, get your shit together and finish your match(es)!


Match 3: Ph1r3 DDD

Match 2: Francis (Zero Suit Samus) wins vs Gold (Palutena)
Reply by Francis Jan 03 2015 22:07 GMT
Match 1: Viddd
Viddd Luigi vs Iggy Lucario on Distant Planet. It was intense.
Reply by Viddd Jan 09 2015 07:03 GMT
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