Let's organize some match times
Posted by Viddd Jan 09 2015 04:54 GMT in Super Smash Bros. Wii U/3DS
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Because goddamn it I need to catch up on the Smash tourney and a lot of you guys need to do that too


Ph1r3 vs. Slim vs. Viddd (3DS)

Grievous vs. Viddd (3DS)

Iggy vs. Viddd (3DS)

Slim vs. Viddd (3DS)

Ph1r3 & Gold vs. Viddd & Grievous (3DS)


I'm available all the time, one of you guys that I'm facing tell me a time on a universal time zone and I'll probably be able to face y'all. Let's get this shit over with. Also I don't have a Wii U to use anymore so yeah

So far this has gone a long way in organizin' stuff


1/9/2015 @ 1:00 EST (GMT-5 i think??)
Reply by Ignorant Jan 09 2015 06:16 GMT
8pm est on saturday
Reply by Slim Jan 09 2015 23:55 GMT
It's on
Reply by Viddd Jan 10 2015 02:45 GMT

Ph1r3, Gold, and Grievous, let's all get together and fight sometime

Reply by Viddd Jan 13 2015 19:58 GMT
i think either gold or grievous has the tightest schedules so i will have to rely on them to pick a time. i'm free generally on tuesdays and thursdays, maybe on SunFriSat as well
I'm usually free most evenings UK time, and I'll be at home most of the rest of this week during the day (though I have a new game on Xbox so I might be a bit hard to reach at times). Generally if I'm online on Steam I should be available to play or able to give you a reasonable ETA.
Reply by Gold Prognosticus Jan 14 2015 22:36 GMT
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