Character you're voting for: Francis from Super Paper Mario
Posted by Francis Apr 04 2015 20:58 GMT in Super Smash Bros. Wii U/3DS
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Francis is a large chameleon and stereotypical nerdy gamer that would fit great in the world of Smash Bros. He has many interesting moves like going invisible and using his laptop, camera, and cat-themed gadgets like Meowbombs. His videogame collection could also be used as weapons. His final smash could trap the fighters in an anime dating-sim where the attack is chosen from an RPG-like menu. His stage could be his 8-bit themed Fort Francis.


Reply by lain Apr 04 2015 23:04 GMT
Good point about releasing SPM on VC at same time. SPM had way more sales than Mother 3, yet Lucas gets a character? pffft
Reply by Francis Apr 04 2015 23:12 GMT

Well, people usually play it illegaly.

Reply by Superpaperloser Apr 13 2015 14:46 GMT
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