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Posted by GoNintendo Mar 02 2014 18:43 GMT
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A portion of a C3 review...

The absolutely marvelous soundtrack and lush visuals only further support the tight and extremely satisfying gameplay, resulting in an overall package that is one of the best 2D platformers of all time - one that fans of classic platforming should truly go bananas over.

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Posted by GoNintendo Feb 26 2014 01:59 GMT
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A portion of a Siliconera review...

All said and done, Wise almost single-handedly sets the tone for the entirety of Tropical Freeze. Getting him to come back and compose (mostly) original arrangements for the game’s soundtrack is exactly what the Donkey Kong Country successor needed to keep itself together.

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Posted by Kotaku Feb 21 2014 18:30 GMT
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Let me tell you about a moment in world five of Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze. It's a little late in the game, but it's oh so typical (and not a spoiler, unless you count the placement of platforms as a spoiler). How you feel about this moment will determine how you feel about this game.Read more...

What a shitty review.
The overall recommendation that you should play it is not being questioned, Stephen is only defending the minute details of his experience. Yes I suppose there is universal standard, but it's just is there anything interesting in this game that outweighs the frustrating/boring parts and would the average reader feel the same way. I don't see why it needs to be any more specific than that.

Posted by GoNintendo Feb 21 2014 20:05 GMT
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A portion of a Vooks review...

There’s very little games that I can recommend unconditionally to anyone, but chances are if you’re a Wii U owner, you must own this game. One of the unequivocally greatest platforming games to grace the industry.

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Posted by GoNintendo Feb 21 2014 19:43 GMT
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- 36,000 units in its debut week
- this was 35.28 percent of its initial shipment
- Media-Create thinks people aren’t being enticed by the new layers within Tropical Freeze
- they also say sales may have been impacted by the heavy snow last weekend
- Media-Create believes this will be an evergreen title, bringing in good sales as time moves on

Posted by GoNintendo Feb 21 2014 18:46 GMT
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A portion of a Kotaku review...

With dollops of patience and a sharpening of skills, any player can have a great time with Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze. Lack that, and you'll be miserable. I recommend this game for players who want some pain—some pain wrapped in a beautiful adventure.

Full review and more screens here

Posted by GoNintendo Feb 21 2014 18:41 GMT
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A portion of an ONM review...

Retro's starting to pull the same trick it managed for Metroid - Tropical Freeze draws on decades-old ideas and punches them into excellent new shapes.

Full review here

Posted by Giant Bomb Feb 21 2014 14:00 GMT
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Jeff and Brad discuss boat drinks, the merits of being a giant seal, and the fraudulent nature of Funky Kong.