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4 years ago
4profile info: favorite bloodtype

Hp and Mp

Not TobyFox

Nice 7 GRAND DAD icon.


uh forty's had that avatar for like 4-6 years, way before fucking joel grand dad memes


option to become dead

18 months ago
maybe add another pixel art creator area where you can create pixel art using the avatar creator thing except it doesn't change the avatar, and you can change the size of the canvas from 16x16 to any size it would be a neat addition also add profile pages back
14 months ago
4Pretty sure that this forum is dead and years old, but it is called Suggestions so I'd like to be able to change my email address without making a new account. I only put a@a.com because I didn't know anything about this website before.
KarToon 22

I don't think you get emails from here, so it doesn't really matter. As for the forum feature, I don't really get it - since the main page is all posts nobody really uses it. It makes this more of a glorified chat room, really.


I agree I need to add that, mainly to support changing your password.


Forums are there for organization so you don't miss posts you are interested in as they disappear under a flood of new topics. And the idea was you could "subscribe" to just certain Forums/channels so you don't have to see everything. But yeah it's not really needed when there is little activity.


Ah, I see. For some reason I thought that the old (basically archived) forums didn’t feed into here. Well I guess it’s called all posts for a reason. Also thanks for the reply.

12 months ago
digibutter.nerr needs to be revived, I feel so lonely with just me and one other person 。・゚゚・(>д<)・゚゚・。
55 days ago
2Hello, I'd like to suggest a feature that tells you what other users are online. The website always says there's 1-2 people online, it would be nice to know when an actual user is currently active.

I mean, if the website suddenly blows up before 3.0, this isn't necessary, but if not, it could be helpful.


Cool idea ... but I can't see any updates coming here in the near future though lol.