Year Five. Feeling old yet?
Posted by Francis Apr 16 2012 03:48 GMT in Digibutter News
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Yep, digibutter.nerr is still alive and kicking!  Not bad for a site that started about one game that released on a console that's about to retire.  (BTW, where is Paper Mario 3DS ? Maybe we'll see a SPM2 on the Wii U?) To celebrate our birthday, I created a new chat for the site which will soon replace our trusty yet boring cbox. Test it out here:

If it works well, I may make the whole site more "chat like" to simplify and speed-up posting.  Digibutter 2.0 anyone?

Here's to another great year my digi-friends, thanks for sticking around.

P.S. Look forward to a beta test of my digibutter-themed MMO this year...


Sure doesn't feel like five years. On to year 6!
Reply by Gold Prognosticus Apr 16 2012 07:48 GMT
Congrats on the success of the new chat system, and here's to 5 more years
Reply by Super-Claus Apr 16 2012 18:56 GMT
holy shit, i've spent five years posting (mainly lurking during the last couple) on some paper mario website
Reply by Lord Crump Apr 16 2012 19:05 GMT
i've wasted my life
Reply by Lord Crump Apr 16 2012 19:05 GMT
i was 13 years old when i joined this site
Reply by Nastasia Apr 17 2012 00:46 GMT
I was like 16 or 4 or -3
Reply by Super-Claus Apr 17 2012 01:16 GMT
I was 17 when the site was created and I joined; I'm now 22
Reply by Lord Crump Apr 17 2012 01:37 GMT

I was, what, 13 when I first joined this place? 14, maybe? Man, it doesn't feel like it's been five years. Time flies. Congrats on the success!

Reply by Tayl Apr 17 2012 01:50 GMT
I have a memory of about 17 days so I don't even know most of you.
Reply by Fortran Apr 17 2012 01:52 GMT
wait if you guys joined at around 14 does that mean i joined when i was 10
holy shit
12/30/08 never forget
Reply by Slim Apr 17 2012 05:25 GMT

I joined when i was 17, like a year and a half ago

I'll just pretend to feel nostalgic

Reply by Doopliss Apr 17 2012 05:27 GMT

Remember kids, once you join you're here for life.

Reply by MM Apr 17 2012 05:48 GMT

I miss all of you. 

Reply by Twytch Apr 19 2012 00:13 GMT
I joined back when I was 13. I remember feeling like all of the people who had joined the site six months before I did back when the site first opened up had so much more experience than I did. I certainly missed a lot of the events that happened in the first few months (heck, I missed most of the ones that happened after I joined too). Still, I'm glad I stuck around.
Reply by Gold Prognosticus Apr 19 2012 08:17 GMT

I noticed a while ago that there's an animated gif of 2 characters behind the text boxes where you submit to the old chatbox.Can I see the whole image somehow?

Reply by Pyros Kiggers Apr 20 2012 22:26 GMT

Reply by Fallen Shade Apr 20 2012 22:31 GMT
i guess i've stayed here for a really long time
we've come a long way and it's amazing that we still actually stay here
y'all are cool 'n stuff
Reply by Viddd Apr 21 2012 02:39 GMT
I don't want to talk about it
Reply by ©na Apr 21 2012 06:41 GMT

rip digibatter ;-;

Reply by mama logi May 04 2012 19:17 GMT
no u
Reply by Fallen Shade May 04 2012 22:26 GMT
I'll never forget the day I beat Super Paper Mario. I had just started my Freshman year of High School. I looked on the internet to see if the site from the game actually existed. I remember the Zelda Party when Phantom Hourglass was released, and the Majora's Mask moon was getting bigger and bigger as the night went on. It was that party that made me realize that a forum doesn't have to be a bunch of fags who all like video games. It can be... A community of friends. Now I just finished my first year of College, and I'm clinically depressed and spend all my time on /v/. I'll never forget Digibutter. :(
Reply by Emil May 14 2012 23:01 GMT

It's really weird how a bunch of anime loving emote-spamming Mario fanforum RPfags all somehow evolved and converged into /v/.

Is there anyone here who doesn't go to /v/?

Reply by Viddd May 14 2012 23:30 GMT
I don't even go to *crag*ing 4chan vid
what is wrong with you
you should feel bad
Reply by Super-Claus May 15 2012 00:46 GMT
you're in the minority, claus
Reply by Viddd May 15 2012 01:40 GMT
Vid i honestly think you're just saying that because of a few people really
Also i don't go to /v/ or any chan sites just for the record
Reply by Nastasia May 15 2012 03:18 GMT
well it sure seems like it with you people
maybe it's just the mindset that seems to be shared around here
Reply by Viddd May 15 2012 03:47 GMT
I don't go to 4chan because I don't go to reddit or 9gag
Reply by Fortran May 15 2012 04:00 GMT
not even for the porn?
Reply by MM May 15 2012 05:37 GMT
I hate porn
Reply by Fortran May 15 2012 05:55 GMT
shadoo confirmed for eunuch
Reply by MM May 15 2012 15:52 GMT

Hey kids, I just made one of my many periodic returns (which may or may not last).  Just want to say that I'm proud that this place has lasted as long as it had...I keep expecting to come back to a nonexistent or inactive site, and you all prove me wrong every time.

So shine on, you crazy nerds.

Reply by ? Block May 31 2012 05:38 GMT
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