how do i haxx website
Posted by Lord Crump May 16 2012 15:54 GMT in Hi-Technical Support
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hey guys i found out that when you become an admin on the site they ask u through an email message to make sure its actually u. u can send an email to the server to confuse it into making u an admin
heres the code u need to send to the server to confuse it u need to copy it exactly or it will fail:
subject: dbadminrequest
then type:
#=No.:4658932//$%Code&" Your Usernme"%*==$& }
(press enter)
ExHack..:0547$$Code*&%$$#imput*%"Your Password"*32&&*$==02$& }
replace the bits inside the " and send it to and you should get an email saying ur an admin
Reply by Gold Prognosticus May 16 2012 16:14 GMT
I've been through so many of those it isn't even funny :(
Reply by [DEAD] May 16 2012 16:40 GMT
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