E3 2012: ZombiU is Real Survival Horror
Posted by IGN Jun 05 2012 23:20 GMT in ZombiU
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Tense, innovative and challenging, ZombiU is currently the most impressive thing on show for Wii U.

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The more I see of this game the more excited I get for it. Honestly, this just sounds really cool. Hoping that it lives up to expectations, because I might just pick up a Wii U around launch after all if it does.
Reply by ? Block Jun 06 2012 00:50 GMT
Reply by Fortran Jun 06 2012 02:11 GMT
what shadoo
Reply by Nastasia Jun 06 2012 04:41 GMT
but this is one of the few titles that actually claims they're innovative and they're right
Reply by Viddd Jun 06 2012 07:11 GMT
If this thing has L4D style multiplayer co op we are all getting it
Reply by Super-Claus Jun 06 2012 19:12 GMT
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