Auto-Sage Necro Posts
Posted by Fortran Jul 18 2012 17:25 GMT in Feedback
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I notice every new member goes directly to threads made 3 years ago and bumps every one for some reason. I suggest if a thread hasn't been posted in within X amount of time, posts auto-sage until at least two or three different members post within a certian amount of time. Or something.


That would be nice.

Reply by sunglasses Jul 18 2012 17:50 GMT
Oh yeah I forgot Cookies existed. You can just bump threads with that. Okay, maybe, instead, old threads just auto-sage no matter how many posts it gets unless you give the thread a cookie, then maybe the auto-sage timer resets (but gets lower because the thread died once already)
Reply by Fortran Jul 18 2012 21:06 GMT
Ok i'm a dumbass wtf does it mean to "sage" a post
Reply by Nastasia Jul 18 2012 23:47 GMT

post without bumping the thread

it's useful for giant sites like 4chan with millions of people but useless for sites with like ten users like ours

Reply by Lord Crump Jul 18 2012 23:48 GMT
nas doesn't know what *crag*ing sa-gay is? hahahahaa oh wow
Reply by Fortran Jul 18 2012 23:55 GMT
lord crump you forget new users reply to every single topic made ever in the history of the site for some reason
Reply by Super-Claus Jul 18 2012 23:55 GMT
yeah that's what I said in the OP. crump read the thread before you reply to it man. It's not for us it's for our local retards.
Reply by Fortran Jul 18 2012 23:58 GMT

the thing is, the amount of new topics and the difference between acceptable time limit and necropost is inversely proportional

i haven't been here much lately but it doesn't seem like we have many new threads (due to our lack of activity), so if a thread is really old but only a couple of pages back (or on the front page, for many, many of our boards), i don't know if it's as big of a deal. We get alot of stuff resurrected on the Digital Butterflies board especially because no one posts there anymore, so you can't really blame the new users for not checking the tiny, grayed-out post-date; they probably think our site is a happenin' pad, what with all the individual message boards we have

in the end it's either we delete everything and have a really empty site or deal with having ancient threads

Reply by Lord Crump Jul 19 2012 00:02 GMT
At first I didn't think that, but with the flood of 7 year olds we get now thanks to cumchugga we get necro posts all the time now. Which is why I think we should require cookies to bump old threads. We never reply to their stupid posts anyway, so why should we even be aware they posted it?
Reply by Fortran Jul 19 2012 00:20 GMT
so how old does a post have to be to be a necro?
Reply by Francis Jul 19 2012 01:37 GMT
I'll put it at 6 months
Reply by Tails Doll Jul 19 2012 01:45 GMT

Really? I'd consider a post dead after it's been pushed off the first page of topics

Reply by Doopliss Jul 19 2012 01:51 GMT
b-but shadoo-kun, what about the archive?
Reply by Slim Jul 19 2012 02:52 GMT
oh shit you're right
Reply by Nastasia Jul 19 2012 05:40 GMT
i do think it's a good idea, just need to work out the details
Reply by Francis Jul 25 2012 04:40 GMT
if you're gonna do this make sure you keep that cookie bump so I can necro shit for nostalgia purposes
Reply by MM Jul 25 2012 21:01 GMT


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