I guess i'll post here saying i'm a new member when in reality I'm not actually a new member, I joined in March 2011 but never really checked the site very often or commented This place seems cool so I thought i'd stay
Posted by Fracktail May 04 2013 12:46 GMT in Introductions
- Like?


Welcome! If you ever leave I will hunt you down and exsanguinate you.

Reply by Doopliss May 04 2013 14:25 GMT
what were we even doing march 2011
We were young and restless and trying to unwind. It was the spring of '11
Reply by Super-Claus May 04 2013 17:04 GMT
That's a rad avatar BTW
Reply by Super-Claus May 04 2013 17:05 GMT
I'm the admin of digibutter xdddd
Reply by Fortran May 04 2013 18:15 GMT
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