So... Francis kept bugging me about this site... What is this site supposed to be about again?
Posted by Peach Jul 25 2013 18:21 GMT in Hi-Technical Support
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World domination.
Reply by MM Jul 25 2013 18:25 GMT
Visit the pornography section. There's a ton of animated ones of you.
You have a mighty fine ass, peach.
Reply by Ignorant Jul 25 2013 18:50 GMT
Reply by Flar3 Jul 25 2013 19:21 GMT
we're just a bunch of pansexual bronies ready to love and tolerate you
Reply by Fortran Jul 25 2013 20:01 GMT
It's for Nerds to talk about geek stuff apparently.
Seems to have deviated somewhat from it's original purpouse, because it's now the base site for an MMO of sorts.
Reply by JacobDaGun Jul 26 2013 02:49 GMT
we are home to the Neo Heaven's Gate Cult
Reply by Super-Claus Jul 26 2013 03:05 GMT
date me
i don't know its confusing
Reply by turntechGodhead Jul 26 2013 09:28 GMT
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