Blood Pact to Not Leave Digi After Nerr 3.0
Posted by Fortran Feb 16 2014 19:12 GMT in Feedback
- Like?


i'll sign with my menstruation cycle.
Reply by Ignorant Feb 16 2014 21:03 GMT
nigga i've been here since 1.0 I'm in for the long haul
Reply by Super-Claus Feb 17 2014 01:18 GMT

the longest haul

Reply by MM Feb 17 2014 17:52 GMT
2nd shortest haul, next to Pikmin.
Reply by JacobDaGun Feb 17 2014 20:19 GMT
Six years and counting, I doubt I'm going anywhere soon.
Reply by Gold Prognosticus Feb 17 2014 20:38 GMT
are you pansies that scared to just drip a little blood on a pentagon? gosh
Reply by Fortran Feb 17 2014 21:30 GMT
Well, I guess I can spare a few drops.
Reply by JacobDaGun Feb 18 2014 23:02 GMT

Shadoo has successfully turned a mormon into a satanist. Kudos

Reply by Doopliss Feb 18 2014 23:32 GMT
i'm goin' for ten years runnin'
Reply by Viddd Feb 20 2014 00:04 GMT
I meant figuratively.
Reply by JacobDaGun Feb 20 2014 01:27 GMT

Please explain how you figuratively drop blood on a pentagon

Reply by Doopliss Feb 20 2014 02:22 GMT
that one missed 9/11 plane
Reply by Ignorant Feb 20 2014 02:54 GMT
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