Nerrbots ghost haunts this place, a nerr2.0 hypebook (filln in the next line)
Posted by Super-Claus Jul 10 2015 23:54 GMT in Super-Claus
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Most a the Digi crew had just left their secret base under the garbage bin, when on the street corner they saw


A factory full a Dragon Dildos
Reply by Mega-Sandy Jul 15 2015 14:25 GMT

'n then

Reply by Slappy Jul 16 2015 18:27 GMT
goron came up with the great idea t' bring all those dildos t' the friday night *crag*pit, t' which everyone said
Reply by Super-Claus Jul 20 2015 02:50 GMT

"that be a great idea Goron ye always have the best ideas" 'n then they all held hands 'n skipped away t'

Reply by Mega-Sandy Jul 20 2015 13:03 GMT


Reply by Doopliss Jul 23 2015 00:54 GMT
, who offered them a choice a
Reply by Super-Claus Jul 23 2015 04:58 GMT


Reply by Doopliss Jul 23 2015 04:59 GMT
They then retorted by offering death a sickle-shaped dragon dildo, which delighted the sea dog so. Death went on his merry way, 'n the crew be left t'
Reply by Super-Claus Jul 23 2015 20:35 GMT


Reply by Slappy Jul 28 2015 18:46 GMT
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