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The legendary one has turned evil and is now stealing butterflies - Sat Jul 18 00:00:04 CDT 2015

? Block: ...*Presses eject button**Mega Star and Mimi are ejected out into space*And don't come back unless you're either 1. coming here to - Fri Jul 17 22:00:03 CDT 2015

Name: WatchittPicture: <<<WATCH IT! THAT WAY!Species: AncientGender: MALE!Place of Originality: Yold TownPowers: Can bore people t - Fri Jul 17 18:00:03 CDT 2015

I loved the Calvin and Hobbes comics when I was a kid. - Fri Jul 17 16:00:04 CDT 2015

I know I'm pretty, but you don't need to stare at me like that. And yes, I knewOh, and by the way Bowser, Floatzel CAN learn Razor Wind - Fri Jul 17 12:00:03 CDT 2015

*the creator of darkness appears*it seems we have quite a battle here, don't we? I sence a great power has disapeared recently, a great pow - Fri Jul 17 08:00:03 CDT 2015

How could you Magikoopa!!! I never thought you would betray Lord Bowser! - Fri Jul 17 02:00:03 CDT 2015 I found this highly amusing in light of our little godmoder/doppelganger issue here. - Fri Jul 17 00:00:03 CDT 2015

Bonechill, did you sign up for the RP? - Thu Jul 16 22:00:03 CDT 2015

Why delete perfectly good cookies when you can delete them instea--*gets hit in the face with a fish*... anyway, for some reason whenever I - Thu Jul 16 16:00:03 CDT 2015

Versu: Oh what the heck.*munches* - Thu Jul 16 14:00:03 CDT 2015

sweet, I can't wait. I need to unlock characters!! aaahhh! - Thu Jul 16 12:00:03 CDT 2015

Luvbi: Interesting. I manage to get a DVDeth of the full first Digibutter.nerr forums RPG plot going up to ? Block's defeat. It even featur - Thu Jul 16 10:00:03 CDT 2015

Anyone with a Mac can't stop their gum-flapping about how great Macs are, and can't talk without using their hands. Or so I've heard. - Thu Jul 16 08:00:03 CDT 2015

Mr I: Alright, if everyone could just submit a chapter in the order that they occured in, then that'd be really appreciated. The next event - Thu Jul 16 04:00:03 CDT 2015

Well I do have in mind of people who I want to pair with:MintCream, Mimi!!!, Celebi - Thu Jul 16 02:00:03 CDT 2015

Piccolo: It could be Doopliss pretending to be a lamp >_>Ok, never mind.*Plays Best Friend ( - Thu Jul 16 00:00:03 CDT 2015

HAWHAHAHAHA!Hah...AARRRG!!! IT'S HORRIBLE! TAKE THOSE IMAGES OUT OF MY MIND!!!XDThe butterfly is cool though, it has the power to change re - Wed Jul 15 22:00:03 CDT 2015

* That appears, takes the silver star, and dissapears * - Wed Jul 15 20:00:03 CDT 2015

*runs seemingly out of nowhere*HEY! Why are people running away from me? GAH! I better follow, *gets shot out of a cannon*(Hey, sorry this - Wed Jul 15 16:00:02 CDT 2015

www.kidradd.comA little webcomic I found a while back.Starts out slow.. But ends up AMAZING. - Wed Jul 15 12:00:03 CDT 2015

Er... cool. What all is it used for though? Well, I heard u used it to see ppl's alts. - Wed Jul 15 10:00:04 CDT 2015

I read the info on it in my NP. I have a subscription. I can play Paper Mario without VC, cuz I has an N64 and the Paper Mario game. Ironic - Wed Jul 15 06:00:03 CDT 2015

Whoa. This place is huge.Finding that thing is going to be harder than I thought.MUCH. HARDER. - Wed Jul 15 04:00:03 CDT 2015

hey, lord bowser.I've got a present for long as you don't roast me. I'm already dehydrated.....Is it okay if I show you? *begins - Wed Jul 15 02:00:03 CDT 2015

*Blows away* WAIT I WASN'T FINISHED DANCINGGGGGGGGGG!!!! - Wed Jul 15 00:00:03 CDT 2015

[roll=10]I am typing this here to make this post non-useless.EDIT: HELL YES. I'm a ten! - Tue Jul 14 20:00:03 CDT 2015

*gives mimi a new set of prisoners* - Tue Jul 14 18:00:03 CDT 2015

Mr I: NOOOOOOOOO! IT'S SO SHINY! AND I DON'T KNOW HOW TO SHIELD MY EYE!Mr I absorbs his Mister Minis and becomes giant.Mr I: I'm outta here - Tue Jul 14 16:00:03 CDT 2015

Mine:5701 9928 2439 7687 - Tue Jul 14 14:00:03 CDT 2015

Geno: I don't want to have anything to do with this. - Tue Jul 14 12:00:03 CDT 2015

*Mallow finds an empty seat while Geno just stands on top of a secret platform that no1 knew about(it was hidden near the stands and is not - Tue Jul 14 08:00:04 CDT 2015

Paul: Something about a judge...? I don't know. Just come with me, all right? - Tue Jul 14 06:00:02 CDT 2015

And Francis, Stop THIS EVENT NOW! I'M NOT COMING TO THE FORUM DEAD TOMMOROW! - Tue Jul 14 04:00:03 CDT 2015

? Block: There are no other marks. Each quiz is composed of one question. - Tue Jul 14 00:00:03 CDT 2015

I have 3 too. but it doesn't matter because my stupid connecter won't work. at least I managed to get my wii connected to something. - Mon Jul 13 22:00:03 CDT 2015

and my myriad of scout based abilities. - Mon Jul 13 20:00:03 CDT 2015

Meh, it's alright. - Mon Jul 13 18:00:03 CDT 2015

All I see is a.... eerm.... nevermind..... - Mon Jul 13 14:00:04 CDT 2015

Scorwa: Ah, good. I have some research to do. Everything seems in order, so could I have my cardkey? - Mon Jul 13 12:00:03 CDT 2015

Me, me, ME!!! - Mon Jul 13 08:00:03 CDT 2015

*goes with Mario* - Mon Jul 13 06:00:03 CDT 2015

I can use my hosting website. I just don't know what the pic looks like. - Mon Jul 13 04:00:03 CDT 2015

GRAHAHAHA! I'll accept any challenge you have to toss at me Fat, Ugly, Bloated Idiot! - Mon Jul 13 02:00:03 CDT 2015

I never asked for a photo <__> I believe you. But your name suggests otherwise. - Mon Jul 13 00:00:03 CDT 2015

Sweet! Lord Bowser is still fake! - Sun Jul 12 22:00:03 CDT 2015

Cap'n Magi: It be no worse than a cat bein beat up.42: You don't have to be that mean about it. - Sun Jul 12 18:00:03 CDT 2015

the huuuuuuuge - Sun Jul 12 16:00:03 CDT 2015

*Cast Bao Zakeruga* - Sun Jul 12 12:00:03 CDT 2015

(oh. well I'm glad you finally have 2 females)so, so you know anything about where seniel is now? - Sun Jul 12 10:00:03 CDT 2015

While I understand being in character and all, it's just annoying that you'd make a thread about some obscure show, say nothing about it, a - Sun Jul 12 06:00:03 CDT 2015

*Forces you back in time*DO IT OVER. - Sun Jul 12 04:00:03 CDT 2015

*headbangs in joy alongside Mario* - Sun Jul 12 00:00:03 CDT 2015

You've got a pink cloud now. >3 - Sat Jul 11 20:00:03 CDT 2015

Well of course we all know that the best paper mario game is Paper MarioIt was superior to the other paper marios, I just enjoyed playing - Sat Jul 11 18:00:03 CDT 2015

[warpsout] - Sat Jul 11 16:00:03 CDT 2015

no, there's a big one in boo's haunt that gives a star. it's hidden and you need to use the vanish cap. and move fast - Sat Jul 11 14:00:03 CDT 2015

Versu: Things go crazy when I'm not around...-_-*warps out**Neren, Farah and Anila warp in*Anila: Not here?Neren: Come on!Farah: Where woul - Sat Jul 11 10:00:03 CDT 2015

BUMP - Sat Jul 11 08:00:04 CDT 2015

ok then, what should I do to get in with my lack of wifi? - Sat Jul 11 06:00:03 CDT 2015

*Piccolo enters Lineland Road*Piccolo: Hmm, where did that Goombario go? I think I'll wait for-Ohh! Something shiny♪ *Piccolo goes to - Sat Jul 11 04:00:03 CDT 2015

Gear: Hey arn't you that wooden pupet? What happened to the regular bartender? - Sat Jul 11 02:00:03 CDT 2015

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