If you like, like "likes", then like, like this post.
Posted by Francis Feb 01 2010 00:03 GMT in Digibutter News
- 8 4 3 Like?

Ever find a post interesting but you can't think of anything to say?  Well now you can express yourself with just a few mouse clicks.  You can now Like, Dislike, or Cookie a post.  Just click the "Like?" link.

  • Like - You think the post is good, funny, worthwhile, etc.  Liking also might show agreement or appreciation.
  • Dislike - You don't like the post.  This could mean it's lame, or you just disagree with it.
  • Cookie! - This is your favorite post of the day.  You can only give out one cookie per daynom nom nom

You can't "like" your own posts.  Also you can't change your like after you give it.

Are there any other options you would like to see?  Or does like and dislike cover everything?


Make it show the numbers of likes dislikes and cookies without having to click
Reply by weedlord bonerhitler Feb 01 2010 01:38 GMT
make cookies the new currency system for purchasing items on digi
Reply by Super-Claus Feb 01 2010 02:46 GMT

I do not like like likes.

Reply by Slim Feb 01 2010 11:50 GMT
So after becoming more like 4chan, the site started to become more like facepunch.
Reply by Manpersonguything Feb 01 2010 19:34 GMT

you're just angry that nobody likes you on facepunch.

Reply by Tails Doll Feb 01 2010 21:11 GMT
if the site were more like facepunch we'd have an OIFY and more than 4 post ratings.
Reply by darkz Feb 01 2010 21:18 GMT
I don't like the likes in my post I like I do not I do
Reply by Fallen Shade Feb 01 2010 22:11 GMT
Show total cookies on profile.
Reply by MM Feb 02 2010 00:39 GMT
If Digibutter were more like Facepunch it would be a horrible site.
Also yes, either cookie achievments or total.
Reply by Popple Feb 02 2010 05:36 GMT
the site is nothing like 4chan or facepunch *crag* you manperson
Reply by weedlord bonerhitler Feb 02 2010 13:16 GMT
You're complaining about how this is like Facepunch? Didn't we have the exact thing on old butt? Only thing added was dislike (I think)
Reply by hawkofrawk Feb 04 2010 02:16 GMT

"If Digibutter were more like Facepunch it would be a horrible site."



Reply by White Shy Guy Feb 09 2010 23:56 GMT
so wsg are you trying to suggest that we are a horrible site? Or, are you trying to suggest that Facepunch is NOT a horrible site?
Reply by weedlord bonerhitler Feb 10 2010 00:18 GMT

Digi isn't HORRIBLE, per se, but it's so skeletal, (as well as me not liking the format.)

Reply by White Shy Guy Feb 10 2010 00:22 GMT
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