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The epic battle of the Sammer Guys is back!  Edit your profile to submit your sammer.

After Sammer Bowl Sunday, we will vote to decide the winner.

Do you have what it takes to compete with Sammer-Guys like past winners Gallavanting Hero of Soft Drinks and Seeker of Bukkit???


Holy *crag* yes. <3 I always love these Sammer Bowls.
Reply by Flar3 Feb 07 2010 05:34 GMT

Oh my crag! I'll join of course!! x3.

Reply by LadyTimpani Feb 07 2010 05:43 GMT
Heck yeah, this is gonna be good.
Now I just need to think up a decent Sammer.
Reply by Gold Prognosticus Feb 07 2010 08:56 GMT
This is going on the top of my list of things to do today.
Reply by Jr The Dark Knight Feb 07 2010 12:07 GMT
this is gonna be my first. what the hell i missed the past two?
Reply by ssg Feb 07 2010 16:25 GMT

I made it into like the top 20 in sammer bowl 2, this year me and Modern warfare guy are taking home the gold!

Reply by Super-Claus Feb 07 2010 17:21 GMT

I'll see what I can crappishly make.

Reply by Alpha_StevO Feb 07 2010 20:56 GMT

Tin pin slammer will rebound mother*crag*ers

Reply by Manpersonguything Feb 07 2010 21:59 GMT
Continuing the tradition, yay.
click my profile for a glorious ms paint sammer
and this time he will win
Reply by Viddd Feb 07 2010 22:08 GMT

Watch out you bastard drink lover, here comes The Doing of The Mario

Well do we HAVE TO use the shit editor or can we upload our own we made?
Reply by Manpersonguything Feb 07 2010 23:10 GMT
Manpersonguything, just make your sammer on a different program, click "Edit your Sammer Guy," and exit out of the template. Then open up your saved sammer from your computer and save it to Digibutter.nerr.
You don't have to use that specific editor.
Reply by Viddd Feb 07 2010 23:16 GMT
Reply by Manpersonguything Feb 07 2010 23:29 GMT
Everyone said mine sucked so I added changes. Expresses me very well.
Reply by Manpersonguything Feb 07 2010 23:45 GMT
Reply by Fallen Shade Feb 08 2010 00:19 GMT
Reply by hawkofrawk Feb 08 2010 01:18 GMT
okay I lose
Reply by Slim Feb 08 2010 02:00 GMT
no you don't slim ):
Reply by Nastasia Feb 08 2010 02:27 GMT
Oh boy does he look terrible.
Reply by ©na Feb 08 2010 02:29 GMT

But I'm pretty proud of him actually. I spent a good amount of time on the belt and the emblems on his "shoulders." And the six pack. So much time on the abs. Perfectly sculpted abs, beautifully displayed by his lack of shirt.

Reply by ©na Feb 08 2010 05:24 GMT
The battle has begun!
Reply by Francis Feb 08 2010 06:52 GMT

Hey wait a second, Nastasia's isn't technically a Sammer guy

Reply by ©na Feb 08 2010 07:11 GMT
Neither is mine.
Reply by Slim Feb 08 2010 12:20 GMT
dont think im gonna win the artsy part of this sammer bowl, but I stall have a chance at the whole "being a sammer" thing
Reply by Super-Claus Feb 08 2010 13:04 GMT
DimFish, a better name might help. Like "Oscar of Mikes", "Spotter of Enemy UAVs", or perhaps "Stillest of Frosties"
Reply by Francis Feb 08 2010 16:26 GMT
Stealer of Bikes
Reply by MM Feb 08 2010 16:29 GMT

Oh my goodness yes.


Unstealthy Ninji's back for more.

Reply by Yena Feb 08 2010 21:27 GMT

so how does this work, when does winner get announced, etc?

Reply by ssg Feb 09 2010 01:23 GMT

I'm gonna win.



Or the robot MK3 sammer

Reply by hawkofrawk Feb 09 2010 01:30 GMT
I already won.
Reply by Popple Feb 09 2010 02:19 GMT

Dimfish, name is terrible. Francis knows what he is talking about, but He Who Remains Frosty would probably be better than Stillest of Frosties.

MPGT, TWEWY automatically makes me vote for other Sammers. Nothing personal bro, just don't much like the game. Bit too grind heavy.

HawkofRawk, mildly amusing

Popple, slightly more amusing.


Reply by ©na Feb 09 2010 04:31 GMT
Submissions/edits will stop Wednesday. Then voting will probably end Saturday.
Reply by Francis Feb 09 2010 05:05 GMT
Reply by Slim Feb 09 2010 11:38 GMT
flavio's is pretty cool right guys?
Reply by weedlord bonerhitler Feb 09 2010 16:35 GMT

Mine is not the big deal... but it's ok... :3. Let's see who wins n_n.

Reply by LadyTimpani Feb 09 2010 22:51 GMT

Is there a page where we can see the ranks of the current Sammer Guys?

Reply by White Shy Guy Feb 10 2010 00:23 GMT

No More Heroes Guy VOTE FOR ME


Reply by FrozenWinters Feb 10 2010 00:45 GMT

The top 5 are currently Slim, Nastasia, Brem, Vid Inferno, & Flar3 Luigi.

Reply by Francis Feb 10 2010 01:46 GMT
what a twist
Reply by Slim Feb 10 2010 01:53 GMT

One with Stache returns.

Reply by Paper Luigi Feb 10 2010 03:38 GMT
How fascinating.
The people with the fancy image programs are winning.
Yeah, nobody expected that.
Reply by ©na Feb 10 2010 03:47 GMT

that online editing tool you use to intially edit your sammer when you click the edit button has a lot of features

i didn't like it and i just used ms paint, the fanciest image program of them all

Reply by Viddd Feb 10 2010 04:25 GMT
The fact that I used photoshop for most of this this has absolutely nothing to do with the quality of my work.
Reply by Nastasia Feb 10 2010 04:25 GMT
I used
You know.
The free one.
Reply by Slim Feb 10 2010 15:27 GMT

wtf nassy's doesn't look remotely like a sammer guy, not even a nastasia-themed sammerguy

it's just nastasia with a sword



'course I don't have much room to speak because last year I just used an image of Urdnot Wrex from mass effect but still

Reply by Lord Crump Feb 10 2010 19:48 GMT

.. Wow... congratulations to those that are winning, especially Nassy and Flar3 Luigi =). Good luck everyone! x3.

Reply by LadyTimpani Feb 10 2010 20:05 GMT
Oh, okay then Nastasia. So you can do it again using Paint?
Reply by ©na Feb 10 2010 20:50 GMT
Stop being all bitchy because she actually worked on hers.
Seriously, you guys are acting like a bunch of prepubescent assholes right now.
Reply by Slim Feb 10 2010 21:29 GMT
Why the *crag* do you care anyways.
Reply by Nastasia Feb 10 2010 22:27 GMT
Oh you know, wasted time and all that.
Reply by ©na Feb 10 2010 22:33 GMT
what do you mean by wasted time?
Reply by Nastasia Feb 10 2010 22:37 GMT

Grow up and stop being a sore loser, man.

Reply by Brem Feb 10 2010 23:02 GMT
lol i agree with brem here
Reply by Nastasia Feb 10 2010 23:06 GMT

Not being a sore loser, but it's true. Nassy's pic isn't even a sammer guy, and WHY is MeowMixer not winning?

Reply by Yena Feb 10 2010 23:24 GMT
It doesn't matter how many times all of you say it, i'm not taking mine out just because you guys don't think it's a sammer.
Reply by Nastasia Feb 10 2010 23:38 GMT
Reply by MM Feb 11 2010 00:02 GMT

I also demand that

I triple that
Reply by Slim Feb 11 2010 15:48 GMT
Reply by Fallen Shade Feb 11 2010 17:00 GMT

Quintuple that =).

And Nassy... yours is awesome =).

Reply by LadyTimpani Feb 12 2010 17:14 GMT

Damnit why am I the one that has to say sextupled

Reply by Yena Feb 12 2010 21:31 GMT
who won
Reply by Slim Feb 13 2010 17:58 GMT
When darkness turns to light. It ends tonight, It ends tonight.
Reply by Francis Feb 13 2010 20:02 GMT
did you just
Reply by Slim Feb 13 2010 22:00 GMT


Reply by ssg Feb 13 2010 22:46 GMT
Well, it's night.
Reply by Slim Feb 13 2010 23:32 GMT
Is this thing over or what
Reply by Slim Feb 14 2010 01:05 GMT
dammit francis
Reply by Slim Feb 14 2010 02:32 GMT
i think francis said he'd tell us who won tomorrow in the cbox
Reply by Nastasia Feb 14 2010 02:33 GMT
Reply by Slim Feb 14 2010 20:56 GMT
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