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Posted by Francis Apr 01 2010 04:38 GMT in Digibutter News
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Sadly not many people are discovering the world of Super Paper Mario anymore.  The name "digibutter.nerr" doesn't mean anything to most people.  In fact everytime I mention "digibutter dot nerr, dot biz" to anyone they always give me a puzzled look and walk away. :(

So as the site goes in a new direction, becoming more about gaming and gaming-culture in general, I feel it needs a new name too.  I have decided to use a nametagdammit and change it to The Bitlands (bitlands.com).  The name still retains it's SPM roots, but this is more appealing to the masses.  Plus, I made a schweet logo!


Reply by Fallen Shade Apr 01 2010 04:38 GMT
The board is still Digibutter News though.
Reply by Gold Prognosticus Apr 01 2010 06:07 GMT
k, it may take a while for me to get everything swapped over.
Reply by Francis Apr 01 2010 06:15 GMT

Ironically, the only reason I found this place is because of the digibutter.nerr.

Reply by Linkshot Apr 01 2010 06:36 GMT

I suppose it must already be April 1st where you live.

Reply by DarkBlueAce Apr 01 2010 06:39 GMT
what? Too good for .biz anymore?
Reply by hawkofrawk Apr 01 2010 06:57 GMT
It's not a joke. He mentioned this before and it's a good idea.
Reply by MM Apr 01 2010 16:20 GMT
i can't tell if this is an april fools joke or not, but this is still gross
Reply by Nastasia Apr 01 2010 18:25 GMT
this is an april fools joke
it's so damn obvious it is
Reply by Slim Apr 01 2010 20:32 GMT
The joke is that you think it's a joke.
Reply by MM Apr 01 2010 20:50 GMT
april fools is over now
you can stop joking
Reply by Slim Apr 02 2010 04:06 GMT
Reply by Francis Apr 02 2010 04:09 GMT
Reply by Slim Apr 02 2010 04:15 GMT
APRIL FOOLS! oh man I got you GOOD! Actually, I really am going to change the name of the site but not yet, and it may or may not be bitlands.com
Reply by Francis Apr 02 2010 04:27 GMT
told you
Reply by Slim Apr 02 2010 04:34 GMT

God dammit francis. Keep it as Bitlands. It's great and people will find us better.

Reply by Flar3 Apr 02 2010 05:07 GMT
You should have kept it that way until April Fools was gone in all timezones
Reply by ©na Apr 02 2010 05:37 GMT

Once you make the official name switch, what'll happend to the .nerr domain?

Reply by Gold Prognosticus Apr 06 2010 17:32 GMT
Wait... Francis just keep it on the bitlands, ive only been on it for like, 15 minutes and i love it
Reply by Arbiter Apr 08 2010 02:07 GMT
go away
Reply by Nastasia Aug 07 2012 16:46 GMT
bring back bitlands.com franis
Reply by weedlord bonerhitler Aug 07 2012 17:15 GMT
when will someone block flooding?
Reply by TheFunkychicken999 Aug 12 2012 00:45 GMT
we've always had flood protection dubass
Reply by MM Aug 12 2012 00:46 GMT
franis lock this plx I'm *crag*ing sick of seeing it
Reply by MM Aug 12 2012 00:49 GMT
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