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Posted by Francis Jan 14 2015 18:39 GMT
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BUT that might mean that Gamepad/Pro-controller support may be coming to Wii disc games in the future that use the Classic Controller.

EDIT: It's technically not identical to Wii discs... because Wii discs send you to the Wii home screen where you have to select the Disc Channel. SMG2 digital skips that step and boots you straight into the game. Hopefully that feature comes to Wii discs too.

Gold Prognosticus
Does it import any existing save data you have for the disc version or is it a separate instance of the game?
It only appears in the Wii U menu

Posted by Francis Jun 08 2012 20:43 GMT
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Wii game modder chadderz is working on a 2-player split-screen version of Super Mario Galaxy 2.

From the video description:

This is a preview/teaser of a new hack/mod coming for Super Mario Galaxy 2: split-screen multiplayer. This will boot via Riivolution and will enable you to play Super Mario Galaxy 2 with a friend on the same Wii, both of you controlling one character, either Mario or Luigi.

As for how the game will play with multiplayer, it'll go like this. Both characters will have their own HP meter, and freedom to explore, kill enemies, etc. Lives, starbits and coins are shared, and if either player loses a life, both players have to go back to the beginning/to the checkpoint that they last obtained. It seems that if one player encounters a cutscene, the other player will be warped to that location (for things like boss fights, to avoid glitches that may occur from having a character outside the fight). Mario and Luigi will also be able to interact with each other, knocking each other around should they see fit, but obviously no damage will be taken from friendly fire :P

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>>and if either player loses a life, both players have to go back to the beginning/to the checkpoint that they last obtained

gay and void

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well then it's a good thing we all don't have friends to play with then right

Posted by Joystiq Sep 20 2011 02:20 GMT
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Sure, it seems easy enough: Play your Wii games on an Android tablet with an Xbox 360 controller. Technology! But underneath that simple premise is a complicated reality. First, you need to run the Wii games on a PC using the open-source Dolphin emulator. From there, you're going to stream the video to the Android tablet using the Splashtop Remote Desktop HD app on Android. YouTuber Obiwan222222 tossed an Xbox 360 controller in, but it's unclear if he's controlling the tablet's VNC client with it, or the PC directly (we're guessing the latter).

If this sounds similar to GameStop's planned tablet, featuring Spawn Labs-powered retail game streaming, or OnLive's upcoming tablet "Player" software, we agree. Mostly, it seems like the future ... a laggy, buggy future but the future nevertheless. Technology!

Posted by Kotaku Sep 19 2011 18:40 GMT
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#emulation YouTube user obiwan222222, the king of making Wii games run on other devices, shows us how to play Super Mario Galaxy 2 on the Android-powered Asus Transformer tablet using a bit of software trickery and a wireless Xbox 360 controller. More »

Posted by Joystiq Jun 24 2011 15:00 GMT
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For the fourth year in a row, a group of insane people will board themselves up in a small, Mushroom Kingdom-decorated room to beat every level, collect every star and stomp every Goomba the Super Mario franchise has ever produced. Why would someone purposefully, harmfully oversaturate themselves with such a wonderful, timeless franchise? Because they're the Mario Marathon. It's in their blood.

The crew is kicking off this suicide mission today at 11 a.m. ET, starting with a playthrough of Super Mario Galaxy 2. Even though it hasn't started yet, the event has already raised $13,000 for Child's Play. We encourage you to go watch these poor souls hurt themselves with Mario, and then, if you feel so inclined, reward their efforts with a donation to a good cause.

Posted by IGN Apr 24 2011 23:20 GMT
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For many, a selling point for Nintendo's Super Mario Galaxy 2 was that it boasted an orchestral soundtrack, in the footsteps of the original Galaxy. Perhaps if the word 'orchestral' is in there, the quality of the score is simply assumed to be far grander than otherwise. But, my valued reader, since...

Posted by Joystiq Jan 28 2011 17:30 GMT
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In a supplemental document to Nintendo's latest quarterly earnings report, the company noted its million-sellers during the past three fiscal quarters (April-Dec. 2010), with Professor Layton and pink power-puff Kirby standing out from the games featuring keywords: Mario, Pokémon and Wii. Through the end of 2010, DS puzzler Professor Layton and the Unwound Future had reached global sales of 1.9 million units since its September 12 debut, while Dragon Quest IX just squeezed into the million-seller club with 1.02 million copies sold (since July 11).

The Wii-llion seller list for the nine-month period featured several Mario and Wii [Fill in Blank] games, but Donkey Kong Country Returns was also a popular pick, moving a bananas 4.21 million units since its late-November release. Additionally, Kirby's Epic Yarn managed to stitch up sales of 1.4 million units in two and a half months at retail.

Sitting on top of DS and Wii million-sellers for the period were Pokemon Black/White (not even out in North America and Europe yet!) with 5.3 million copies sold and Super Mario Galaxy 2 with a hearty 6.2 million units in mushroom-fueled sales, respectively.

Posted by Joystiq Jan 17 2011 01:30 GMT
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Super Mario Galaxy 2 is a pretty fantastic game. So it comes as no surprise that some enthuastic fans have taken it upon themselves to create even more levels for the game. The project is dubbed Super Mario Galaxy 2.5 and, should it reach completion, will offer some of the most challenging 3D Mario levels created thus far.

Right now, there's only one completed level, a hack of the original "Step to the Beat." Like its predecessor, the level features disappearing beat blocks. But, you'll need to utilize many Mario tricks to make it through alive, including the notorious Yoshi-jump. Check out videos after the jump.
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Reminds me of Newer Super Mario Bros. Wii.

Posted by Kotaku Jan 12 2011 20:20 GMT
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#worldrecord Yesterday Guinness awarded Jesse Moerkerk of Dutch gaming magazine N-Gamer a world record certificate for playing Super Mario Galaxy 2 for 18.52 minutes. Oh, and he did it while free-falling. More »
so, to get an award from Guinness you just have to be the first to ____ in a wind tunnel.

Posted by GoNintendo Dec 23 2010 17:55 GMT
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- Super Mario Galaxy 2 took top billing among the staffers - also near the top were Pokémon HeartGold/SoulSilver and Professor Layton And The Lost Future - Bit.Trip Runner managed to take the 4th spot “(Super Mario Galaxy 2) An obvious number one, but that doesn’t make it any less deserved. Crammed with so many novel ideas [...]

Posted by IGN Oct 28 2010 10:46 GMT
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Strong yen and falling hardware sales cause financial drops for Kyoto giant.

Posted by Joystiq Sep 01 2010 12:00 GMT
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Remember when you were 5, and you went to McDonald's one day with your parents and they got you the Happy Meal with the windup Luigi toy in it? Remember how ecstatic you were that you had a real version of Mario's bro in a plastic bag along with your cheeseburger and fries, and remember how you went home and played with it all day until it stopped winding and you completely forgot about it until you had to clean out your desk drawer for college?

Well, 11-year-old Oscar Bown has that times a thousand. The kid's collected over 1,000 bits and pieces of Mario-related paraphernalia, and you can see most of them in a video after the break. He's got everything, from Mario Monopoly to Mario band-aids to pretty much every single vehicle toy from Mario Kart. Just saying: Whenever he eventually leaves for college, that desk drawer is going to be pretty full.

Posted by Joystiq Jul 29 2010 17:15 GMT
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Nintendo has announced it financial earnings for the second quarter in its Fiscal 2011, running from April 1, 2010 through June 30, 2010. Net sales, operating income and net income all saw declines compared to the same time last year. Net sales were down to 188 billion yen ($2.16 billion) from 253 billion yen ($2.9 billion), while operating income and net income saw less dramatic shifts, down to 23 billion yen ($264 million) and 25 billion yen ($287 million) from 40 billion yen ($460 million) and 42 billion yen ($483 million) last year, respectively. Nintendo attributes these losses to the appreciation of the yen and a lower DS price point.

3.15 million DS units and 22.42 million units of DS software were sold worldwide during this quarter. On the Wii side, Super Mario Galaxy 2 managed to be the big performer, selling 4.09 million units worldwide since its launch in late May. 3.04 million Wii consoles were sold, backed by 28.17 million units of Wii software worldwide. As far as forecasted earnings go, Nintendo anticipates net sales of 550 billion yen ($6.3 billion) by the end of September 2010 and 1.4 trillion yen ($16 billion) by the end of its Fiscal 2011, March 2011.

It'll be interesting to see how those earnings are affected by Nintendo's upcoming 3DS hardware launch. The company has revealed (via Bloomberg) that it'll finally announce the launch date and price for its latest piece of tech in Japan on September 29.

Posted by Joystiq Jul 17 2010 02:00 GMT
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Super Mario Galaxy 2 was the best-selling non-cowboy game in the United States last month. The 548,000 copies sold during June put the spacefaring platformer above the one-million mark in US sales, as proclaimed by Nintendo in a triumphant announcement. In kind of a bummer of a month in terms of general software sales, Super Mario Galaxy 2 was one of the few success stories for June.

While one million copies in two months (41 days of NPD reporting time) is impressive, it doesn't approach the level of success enjoyed by the first Super Mario Galaxy, which broke a million in its first month on the market, only 12 days of which counted for NPD. (The fact that its first month was November may have had something to do with that strong start.)

Nintendo also announced that DS hardware sales have reached "nearly 42 million," with Wii sales "closing in on a cumulative milestone of 30 million units sold in the United States alone." Both systems enjoyed sales spikes last month.

Posted by IGN Jul 16 2010 03:15 GMT
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U.S. console sales for Wii near 30 million units.

Posted by IGN Jun 25 2010 19:01 GMT
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Lower price and new color variations help take top spot away from PSP. Is this the final pre-3DS surge?

Posted by IGN Jun 25 2010 00:44 GMT
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The best reason to own a Wii since the original game.

Posted by IGN Jun 22 2010 10:36 GMT
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Mario Galaxy 2 Fails To Unsaddle John Marston

Posted by Joystiq Jun 21 2010 18:30 GMT
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Nobody was going anywhere at the top of Chart-Track's UK all-formats sales chart last week. Red Dead Redemption is still the sheriff in town, with Super Mario Galaxy 2 and 2010 FiFA World Cup maintaining their number two and three positions, respectively. Rockstar's Grand Theft Horsey retained the top spot despite a 24 percent drop in sales (Galaxy slipped 29 percent) and increased its sales gap with Mario from 1,000 to almost 5,000 units, according to Chart-Track.

Rooms: The Main Building and perennial chart topper Just Dance are waltzing together, with Ubisoft's dance title stepping on Rooms' toes to take the fourth spot. (!) Elsewhere on the chart, PSP's Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker sneaked in at 18th. Check out the UK top ten after the break.

Posted by Kotaku Jun 12 2010 00:00 GMT
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#racin Three races into a 21-race sponsorship with GameStop, NASCAR driver Joey Logano averages a sixth-place finish with games sponsorship on his hood. He looks to change that in Kentucky tomorrow with an intimidating Super Mario Galaxy 2 paint job. More »