I just tried SMG2 from the Wii U eshop. It *does* use Wii mode, identical to if you ran the disc from the Wii U menu. So no miiverse integration or anything like that :(
Posted by Francis Jan 14 2015 18:39 GMT in Super Mario Galaxy 2
- Like?

BUT that might mean that Gamepad/Pro-controller support may be coming to Wii disc games in the future that use the Classic Controller.

EDIT: It's technically not identical to Wii discs... because Wii discs send you to the Wii home screen where you have to select the Disc Channel. SMG2 digital skips that step and boots you straight into the game. Hopefully that feature comes to Wii discs too.


Does it import any existing save data you have for the disc version or is it a separate instance of the game?
Reply by Gold Prognosticus Jan 14 2015 19:07 GMT
Good question, I'll check my Wii menu later to see if the save data shows up there.
Reply by Francis Jan 14 2015 19:30 GMT

yes, the same save data works with both disc and digital.

Reply by Francis Jan 14 2015 20:17 GMT
Does the game appear on only the Wii U menu, or is it on the Wii menu as well?
Reply by TeleportPass Jan 15 2015 17:08 GMT
It only appears in the Wii U menu
Reply by Francis Jan 15 2015 20:29 GMT
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