to play

Watch for updates in the beta-lands message board.


Move: Use arrows keys or WAD to move left & right & jump.
Go down holes or pipes or elevator doors: Press down or S
Enter doors: Press up
Read signs: Press action key (space or enter)
Punch: Press action key
Pick up and place items with the Mouse


The small blocks are called bits and can be found mostly underground as dirt (D), red (R), green (G), or blue (B)
Click items in your inventory to place them with your mouse. Doors can take you to new rooms or areas, or may teleport you to a different spot within the same area.
Signs can be placed with a custom message. The Lantern lets you see more underground, but does not appear in your inventory.


Place the correct pattern of bits into the MakerMeow machine to craft new things.
You can currently craft new bit colors, background tiles, signs, doors, and a lantern.
Background tiles can only be placed outside or underground
Doors must be placed on top of and surrounded by background tiles.
You can only create one door outside, and one door underground


The main areas are "outside", the "underground", the "arena", and various rooms inside buildings.
Placing a door creates your own room that only you can modify
You can double-jump in the arena.
Being hit in the arena causes your damage to increase, if you fall off the platform you die.
If you die three times in the arena you are kicked out
Kills & Death stats in the arena are being tracked