Sammer Bowl IV
Posted by Francis Feb 03 2011 07:57 GMT in Digibutter News
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Oh yeah, it's time for the biggest sporting event in the universe... the SAMMER BOWL  

You have until this Sammer Bowl Sunday to submit your prized fighter.  Then the voting battle will begin.  Name and draw your sammer wisely!

If your sammer-guy is victorious, he will be remembered forever along with the likes of Gallavanting Hero of Soft DrinksSeeker of Bukkit, and Robo Sammer MK3

May the best sammer-guy (or gal) win!


The awards have been given out and the winner of Sammer Bowl IV is...

Bringer of Beats

Congrats to Slim, a returning champion!  Second place is Vid Inferno's Mover of Pixels followed by MeowMixer's Disregarder of Law Enforcement.  View the winners here


Awwww shit.

Reply by MM Feb 03 2011 08:54 GMT

Wow, I'd forgotten that this was coming up. No way I'm missing it this year.

Reply by Gold Prognosticus Feb 03 2011 17:02 GMT
hell yeah motherlovers
Reply by Super-Claus Feb 03 2011 20:01 GMT


Reply by Fallen Shade Feb 03 2011 20:35 GMT
w/e i'm gonna make the winning basketball hoop
Reply by Popple Feb 03 2011 20:46 GMT
What's the deadline on this
Reply by Nastasia Feb 03 2011 20:58 GMT
gonna win this shit
Reply by Viddd Feb 03 2011 22:10 GMT
sunday nas
Reply by sims Feb 03 2011 22:16 GMT
inb4 i procrastinate and never make anything
Reply by mariooooo Feb 03 2011 22:30 GMT


do i win yet

Reply by sims Feb 03 2011 22:54 GMT
amazin' sims
Reply by Viddd Feb 03 2011 23:05 GMT
lol that beats mine by a lot
Reply by Nastasia Feb 03 2011 23:06 GMT
I decided to participate for the first time. You will all be in a state of shock and awe at this development.
Reply by DarkBlueAce Feb 03 2011 23:57 GMT
Time 2 draw.
Reply by FrozenWinters Feb 04 2011 00:38 GMT

I too have decided to participate as an "i'm back bitches" sort of thing.

Reply by Spiny Feb 04 2011 05:41 GMT

 I have no idea what I was thinking.

Reply by MM Feb 04 2011 06:43 GMT

Beautiful use of photoshop

Reply by Fallen Shade Feb 04 2011 06:52 GMT

Broken )o:

HONK honk HONK honk HONK honk HONK honk :o)

Also the hair was a nightmare to draw with a laptop touchpad.

Reply by Gold Prognosticus Feb 04 2011 17:12 GMT


Now I want to do music replacement on Super Paper Mario just to have the FOX NFL theme play instead of Battle Theme.

I'll figure out what to do with my Sammer...

Reply by Linkshot Feb 04 2011 18:13 GMT

'kay I gave up once the eraser tool wasn't working.

Reply by Linkshot Feb 04 2011 18:20 GMT

Here comes the Bringer of Beat

Reply by Slim Feb 05 2011 14:59 GMT
goddamn it slim that's amazing
also pfargtl you're doin' sb&hj wrong but ok
Reply by Viddd Feb 05 2011 17:37 GMT

mover of pixels or some shit like that

Reply by Viddd Feb 05 2011 18:12 GMT
hey francis, if there's some way to import this with your admin voodoo magic, since i just realized you can only do pngs and jpgs, that would be coo'
Reply by Viddd Feb 05 2011 18:16 GMT
Reply by Francis Feb 05 2011 18:48 GMT


Un-Victorious Sammer Bowl Guy

Reply by FrozenWinters Feb 06 2011 00:01 GMT

I need to replay JSRF

Reply by MM Feb 06 2011 01:25 GMT

This was no where near my original concept but *crag* it I dunno.

It's Follower of Noses.

Do you get it.

Do you get the joke.

Reply by Popple Feb 06 2011 22:20 GMT


Reply by Francis Feb 07 2011 05:56 GMT

Is it too late for...


Oh god ph1r3 what did you create
this is terrifying
Reply by Nastasia Feb 07 2011 19:47 GMT
francis, i think your voodoo magic made mine not show up on the ballot
Reply by Viddd Feb 07 2011 22:24 GMT
Oh wow yeah, Vid's totally isn't on there.
Reply by Popple Feb 07 2011 22:33 GMT
sorry about that vid, strange glitch. You are in the battle now.
Reply by Francis Feb 08 2011 07:42 GMT
When does voting end
Reply by Nastasia Feb 08 2011 19:33 GMT
Congrats to the returning champ Slim! and to runner-ups Vid Inferno and Meow Mixer
Reply by Francis Feb 13 2011 02:09 GMT

oh snap

Reply by MM Feb 13 2011 02:09 GMT

Reply by Slim Feb 13 2011 02:12 GMT
congarts slim, meow
well deserved victories ('cept for mine)
Reply by Viddd Feb 13 2011 02:52 GMT
Gratz to winners. I demand voting statistics.
Reply by FrozenWinters Feb 13 2011 03:33 GMT
FrozenWinters you were 6th
Reply by Francis Feb 13 2011 03:40 GMT

How did Popple lose.


His was the best.

It has a fruity dickface.

Reply by Maiq the Liar Feb 13 2011 03:41 GMT
requestan full statistics
yeah popple shoulda beat me
Reply by Viddd Feb 13 2011 03:44 GMT

I demand justice because Follower of Noses should have won. Props to Disregarder of Law Enforcement, though!

Reply by Linkshot Feb 13 2011 04:45 GMT

Popple's Follower of Noses got 4th.  Vid had a better win/loss ratio, but he didn't have as many total votes (since his showed up a day late).  Even if I didn't count Vid's, Slim and MeowMixer were clearly above Popple.

Reply by Francis Feb 13 2011 05:05 GMT
I love how the results of mine got posted without me having to even say anything.
Reply by Popple Feb 13 2011 05:30 GMT
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