Posted by Wootman Jul 03 2012 18:44 GMT in Wootman
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>Adult Swim
No thank you.
Reply by Fortran Jul 03 2012 20:36 GMT
Adult Swim is best network
Reply by Wootman Jul 04 2012 00:38 GMT
Adult Swim has been shitty for a very long time.
Reply by Tails Doll Jul 04 2012 00:43 GMT
Adult Swim is for filthy couch stoners and children who stay up too late past their bedtime, true story.
Reply by Fallen Shade Jul 04 2012 21:29 GMT
Adult Swim has cowboy bebop. Everything else is shit.
Reply by Grievous Jul 05 2012 02:49 GMT
I don't know man Aqua Teen Hunger Force, Squidbillies, and The Venture Brothers are pretty good shows.
Reply by Wootman Jul 05 2012 02:54 GMT
Venture bros. is meh. Those other two deserve to be infinitely thrown into instant death spikes
Reply by Grievous Jul 05 2012 02:57 GMT
Actually I can vouch for ATHF and Venture Bros, those are pretty great. Squidbillies makes me want to die though
Reply by Fallen Shade Jul 05 2012 03:54 GMT
ATHF was great. Seasons 1-3 were awesome, first episode of season 4 and after were shit. There just isn't anything good to watch. I don't even watch TV anymore.
Reply by Fortran Jul 05 2012 03:58 GMT
There definitely have been times where ATHF hasn't been as consistent as it used to be, but I'd say it's still generally a good show. And *crag* yes Venture Bros. is the shit. Some of the retarded live action shows Adult Swim started like two years ago now I think are...actually alot funnier than I feel they should be. And then of course they're going to do another season of Moral Orel, so what the *crag* can I say that's bad about AS? (other than mcflarlane)
Reply by weedlord bonerhitler Jul 05 2012 04:06 GMT
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