Nintendo Online Services Broken Now, Continuing Christmas Malfunctions
Posted by Kotaku Dec 26 2013 15:13 GMT in Gaming News
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Nintendo's online store isn't working for many gamers at the moment—not on Wii U or 3DS—making it essentially impossible to use many of the systems' core online services. So this is why I couldn't update the Netflix app on my parents' Wii yesterday! And it's why a lot of Nintendo gamers are pulling their hair out now.Read more...


So this is why I was having trouble yesterday, figured it was either a one-off bug or a problem with my internet connection somehow.
Reply by Gold Prognosticus Dec 26 2013 18:56 GMT
good thing i need to transfer data
Reply by Ignorant Dec 26 2013 20:59 GMT
Having downloadable bundled games seemed like a good idea at the time. Give 'em a break, how were they supposed know that a bunch of new users would want to connect this week? This Christmas thing came out of nowhere.
Reply by Francis Dec 26 2013 21:27 GMT
Looks like it's back online from here.
Reply by Gold Prognosticus Dec 27 2013 17:35 GMT
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