Today Is The Last Day Of The Year Of Luigi. Make It Count.
Posted by Kotaku Feb 13 2014 17:00 GMT in Gaming News
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364 days ago, Nintendo made the most important proclamation of the 21st century, declaring a year of peace and prosperity. A year of hope. A year of Luigi.Read more...


Nintendo Direct today... HYPE
Reply by Francis Feb 13 2014 18:00 GMT
year of wart
Reply by Ignorant Feb 13 2014 18:06 GMT
So much for Nintendo Directs at an hour when I can watch them. Let me know how it goes!
Reply by Gold Prognosticus Feb 13 2014 19:42 GMT
I don't think he mentioned the Year of Luigi. Just Super Luigi Bros (a mirrored SMB) in NES Remix 2
Reply by Francis Feb 13 2014 23:10 GMT
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