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- Like?


Type: 2v2 Team match, 3 stock, no customs

Stage: Any Stage

Items: None

Character: Any of your chosen 3

Reward for Victory: 5 points (each)

Use teamwork and strategy to *crag* up your opponents! Many have struggled to get together for a 1v1, so I’m a little worried about how this will turn out. Please try your best to organise a time to do it within the next 2-3 days.

NOTE- the one(s) that win the match should post in this topic saying so. You may want to save the replays of your matches, and posting them here would be pretty cool.


Players booted- Shadeston

Remember- if your name appears twice then you cannot earn points in the match in which your name is underlined. But still- try your best.

Match 1

Ph1r3 & Gold vs. Viddd & Grievous (3DS)

Match 2

Metanaito & Doops vs. Slim & DBA (3DS)

Match 3

Megamaw & Hex/Sandy vs. Claus & Slim (3DS)

Match 4

Francis & DBA vs. Iggy & Claus (Wii U)

Hurry up, get your shit together and finish your match(es)!


Match 3 - Claus and Slim 



Reply by Super-Claus Dec 18 2014 19:28 GMT
what happened to throwing the game, slim?!
Reply by Megamaw Dec 18 2014 19:35 GMT
I did but you guys sucked so hard that we won anyway
Reply by Slim Dec 19 2014 02:00 GMT
when one user has 5 kills and everyone else has 1 kill no amount of game throwing will save you
Reply by Super-Claus Dec 19 2014 02:02 GMT

Match 4: iggggs n dim       http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ciZgZpOfXNo

Reply by Ignorant Dec 20 2014 00:48 GMT

Match 2: Metanaito & Doops


Reply by Doopliss Dec 22 2014 05:56 GMT

I'm splitting Match 1 into

Match 1.1: Ph1r3 vs. Viddd

Match 1.2: Gold vs. Grievous,

Since it doesn't seem like the four of you will ever get together

Reply by Doopliss Dec 28 2014 10:12 GMT

Match 1.1 & 1.2: Cancelled

Reply by Doopliss Jan 02 2015 06:15 GMT
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