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- Like?


Type: 3 stock, customs allowed

Stage: Any Stage

Items: None

Character: Any of your chosen 3

Reward for Victory: 5 points

How good is your pre-battle strategy? How well can you augment your characters to suit your play style? Buff the shit out of your characters and get ready to rumble!

SOMETHING TO REMEMBER: Items are turned off in this match, therefore equipment that gives you the ability to start the match with a certain item will have no effect.

NOTE- the one(s) that win the match should post in this topic saying so. You may want to save the replays of your matches, and posting them here would be pretty cool.

Post the custom build you used to win, as well!


Remember- if your name appears twice then you cannot earn points in the match in which your name is underlined. But still- try your best.

Match 1

Iggy vs. Doops (Wii U)

Match 2

Francis vs. Slim (Wii U)

Match 3

Ph1r3 vs. DBA (3DS)

Match 4

Megamaw vs. Metanaito (3DS)

Match 5

Grievous vs. Viddd (Any version)

Match 6

Sandy vs. Gold (Any version)

Match 7

Claus vs. Gold (Any version)

Hurry up, get your shit together and finish your match(es)!


Match 1: Doops

My build:

Healing Shield

Shield Counter

Explosive Perfect Shield


Excuse the swaying, I was drunk apparently

Reply by Doopliss Dec 21 2014 19:18 GMT

Match 3: Ph1r3

No recording because potato quality

Match 2: Slim

Round 1: Samus: Turbo Missile, Apex Screw Attack, Mega Bomb

Round 2: Palutena: Angelic Missile

Reply by Slim Dec 21 2014 23:42 GMT
Match 6: Gold
Character: Captain Falcon
Equipment: Super Brawn Badge, Air Scrapper Brawn Badge, Super Suit (Attack +45, Defence +28, Speed -37)
Specials: Falcon Punch, Raptor Boost, Falcon Dive, Falcon Kick Fury
Reply by Gold Prognosticus Dec 22 2014 21:35 GMT

Match 7 Dimfish


Custom Ness Build:

+122 Attack

+21 Defense

-31 Speed


PK Freeze

PK Fire Burst

Rolling PK Thunder

PSI Magnet


Dodgy Doger Bat: +68 Attack, - 7 Defense, Weakened dodge ability

Pretty Sweet Hat: +57 Defense, -31 Speed

Top-Notch Bat: +54 attack, -29 Defense

Reply by Super-Claus Dec 24 2014 23:07 GMT

Matches 4 & 5: Cancelled

Reply by Doopliss Jan 07 2015 02:53 GMT
Well match 5 was played anyways I guess and I guess I won? Don't know what this means
Link: 132 ATK, -18 DEF, -34 SPD
Specials: 2 Power Bow, 2 Boomerang, 1 Spin Attack, 1 Bomb
How stupidly OP, I happened to lose all the non-tournament games that I didn't play with Link
Reply by Viddd Jan 09 2015 08:44 GMT
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