Who are you going to vote for in the Fighter Ballot?
Posted by Demented N Apr 02 2015 22:12 GMT in Super Smash Bros. Wii U/3DS
- Like?

I already voted for Travis Touchdown, myself.


Geno because he may actually have a chance this time
Reply by Fallen Shade Apr 02 2015 22:28 GMT

I didn't vote yet. In all seriousness, I might go with Mr. L because he's at least not another Mario, and not a plain Luigi either. SPM isn't all that recent so that might be an issue though. I'll have to give this some more thought.


Travis would be a really good addition, though the series is pretty mature in its humour and I'm not sure how close suda51/Grasshopper is with Nintendo.

Reply by lain Apr 02 2015 22:45 GMT

Snake was from an M rated game and they toned him down.They can just do the same with Travis, obviously not using any mature language or suggestive gestures from his game. And of course he won't be cutting people into blood tsunamis with his Beam Katana. Other than that, there isn't really much else to do in terms of censorship.

But yeah, the real problem comes in with the whole "What about suda and Grasshopper" part. Then again, suda said he'd like to see Travis in Smash a while ago, so it might actually happen if Nintendo wants to put him in.

Reply by Demented N Apr 02 2015 23:26 GMT
I didn't know about that actually, that's really interesting. If suda's statement still stands then within reason they shouldn't have trouble acquiring the licensing to include him. I'll be interested to see how this plays out.
Reply by lain Apr 02 2015 23:48 GMT
I voted Geno and Bayonetta because they're both *crag*ing awesome
Reply by Super-Claus Apr 03 2015 02:40 GMT
I say we start a campaign to Vote for Francis
Reply by Francis Apr 04 2015 19:39 GMT
I was going to suggest it but there are like 10 of us max :c
Reply by lain Apr 04 2015 19:56 GMT

Aw man! I totally would have voted for a Super Paper Mario character if I checked digibutter.nerr a while ago. Already voted for Wonder Red from The Wonderful 101

Reply by Flint Cragley Apr 06 2015 16:13 GMT
pretty sure you can nominate more than one character
Reply by Francis Apr 06 2015 18:38 GMT
Well it does say "Please limit your vote to one per person" so I guess the courteous thing to do is only vote once
Reply by Demented N Apr 06 2015 20:35 GMT


Reply by Slappy Apr 08 2015 15:35 GMT
I think that's a type of animal, like a crab or a lobster
Reply by Super-Claus Apr 08 2015 16:55 GMT
I voted for Ark from Terranigma...probably should have made a different choice.
Reply by TeleportPass Apr 10 2015 16:34 GMT
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