PSA: Download flOw for free until midnight EST
Posted by Joystiq Feb 13 2010 18:00 GMT in flOw
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Listen, we know how hard Valentine's Day can be on some of you jilted lovers out there, so we went ahead and got you a little something to keep you occupied tomorrow: A copy of ThatGameCompany's microbiotic PS3 title, flOw. You can download it right now from the PSN for free, without having to deal with any cumbersome coupon codes. Our generosity only extends so far, however -- the free download will stop being offered at midnight EST tonight. Hurry up and grab it -- and don't say we never gave you nothin'!

(Fine, we're not the party responsible for the game's free-ness. We suppose you can say we never gave you nothin' to your heart's content.)

[Thanks to everyone who sent this in!]


Reply by Francis Feb 13 2010 18:24 GMT
Reply by hawkofrawk Feb 13 2010 18:35 GMT
free stuff is free is good
Reply by Lord Crump Feb 13 2010 18:52 GMT
How do I stop playing? Do I the ps button?
Reply by hawkofrawk Feb 13 2010 18:59 GMT
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