Guide to playing flOw
Posted by Francis Feb 13 2010 19:27 GMT in flOw
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1.) HOW TO MOVE:   You simply tip the controller forward to move up the screen tip it back to move down and tip it left to move left and tip it right to mov right....Hold it flat like it was sitting on a table top. DO NOT TWIST OR ROTATE THE CONTROLLER LIKE A WHEEL.
2.) RED 4 ARROW THINGS:  Eat these to move down a know, go deeper into the "Sea"
3.) BLUE 4 ARROW THINGS: Eat these to move back up one the red but opposite.
4.) HOW TO EAT OTHER BIG CREATURES: You will see certain Darker or lighter spaces in them, much like a smokey bubble...AIM FOR have to hit all of them to make the creature "Fall apart" so you can eat his careful as he is trying to do the same to you.
5.) EAT EVERYTHING: Do this and you will grow big!  Don't eat the red and blue things unless you want to go up and down, they have no effect on your size.
6.) POWER UPS: Yes there are power ups in this game...They look like fuzzy sea urchins to best describe them...Eat them and you turn red and your mouth gets bigger and you are faster.
7.) SAVE THAT SPEED BURST: it only lasts so long....When eating bigger creatures swim normal speed until that last second before you connect and BAM! hit any button to have a speed burst...Do this and eating them will be no problem..
8.) HOW TO QUIT: to quit just hold the PS button...Don't worry,It saves at random times is what it said when it loads up. If you look at the HDD light it flashes Constantly.
9.) HOW TO EVOLVE:  There these weird U shaped things that have a little version of the next evolutionary stage in them...just swim into them.
10.) HOW TO PAUSE: Just hit the start button....It will swim your creature to its starting "Level" where it is safe and you can let it drift.
11.) HOW TO SAVE: Yes this game does save....It wont save your creature as it is when you stop, but it will save you as your last form, such as evolution #2 or #3 and so forth. When you restart you will be at the last character you were when you quit, just its basic form.
1.) HOW TO START: Just hit start on the second controller.
2.) HOW TO EAT THE OTHER PLAYER: Eat the spikey thing to turn red and you can than eat the other player.
1.) WORM FORM : This is the first shape that you start as when you first start the game.  Any button causes a boost in speed.
2.) JELLY FISH FORM: This is the second shape that you take when you pass the first "World". Pressing any button will cause you to spin around..Spinning is needed on the boss battle as when the littl red things come at you, spin to turn them white and make them edible. Also it causes a whirlpool effect that draws food toward your mouth.
3.) DOLPHIN LIKE SHAPE: This is the third form you take after you beat the second "World". Pressing any button causes a boost in speed.  You will only eat things touched with the very tip of the dolphin like nose. One thing about the dolphin (or I think it actually is more like some kind of a ray) form #3.  Every time you use your boost in this form it takes a link out of your tail.  It does not seem to affect your progress in your evolution of this form by using up all of your boosts and diminishing your tail, you will still grow larger at the same rate as you eat.  When you do use all your boosts and diminish your tail completely it will 'regenerate' by itself but only two links worth.
4.) LEAFY WORM WITH HOOK TAIL SHAPE: This is the fourth form that you take in evolution after beating the third world. Pressing any button causes you to turn lime green and slip just a tiny bit deeper than the other creatures..much like stealth...Touch them while lime green and they turn lime green and stop moving and can't fight back. Effective against Jelly Fish creatures. Caution how you use this as you only hav 4 chances to use it, then you have to let it recharge.

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