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Posted by Ignorant Apr 16 2014 19:27 GMT
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yes please

Posted by Francis Apr 09 2014 04:47 GMT
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makes for some nice wallpapers

Posted by Francis Apr 08 2014 22:54 GMT
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3DS coming this Summer, WIi U coming in Winter.
3DS and WIi U versions will connect somehow, but no details yet.
Online modes:
For Fun: All Items, random Stages, ony wins recorded
For Glory: No items, Final Destination only. wins and losses recorded. Final Destination has different "skins"
With Friends: customize everything

Global Smash Power ranking... a reverse leaderboard.
Custom Move Sets... you can tweak characteristics of moves.
Smash Run mode... 3DS ONLY multiplayer search a dungeon for 5 minutes, killing enemies for powerups to use in battle that follows.

No characters will change forms mid-match.
Zero-suit Samus has jet boots.
Zelda summons Phantoms.
Shiek has burst grenades, and new kick.
Kirby has a charged hammer attack.
Lucario "mega evolution"
Olimar only has 3 pikmin, order matters. Winged-pikmin recovery.
Many characters have "stronger" movesets.
Yoshi stands up straight.
Rosalina "gravitational pull" to pull in items. Luma will wonder around the stage on it's own if thrown.
Little Mac is horrible in the air. Power Meter builds up to give an insta-kill punch.
Wireframe Mac costume.

Looks good. but I don't like that the 3DS version comes out earlier. I don't want to wait while everyone else is Smashing. Wii U version better have something to make up for it.
weedlord bonerhitler
Honestly i believe they're gonna perform pretty *crag*in similar, there's tons of reasons they could be working more on the Wii U version longer. Like they could be having trouble developing a wii u netcode or something. But i mean i have no clue at all. It is pretty bad for the Wii U that its getting released later tho, ouch.

Posted by Doopliss Nov 02 2013 08:03 GMT
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Fallen Shade


Looks like donkey kong's signature taunt can now be used to conjure the flames of hell to wreak total and utter destruction on the battlefield

Posted by GoNintendo Mar 27 2014 18:06 GMT
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New pictures of Diddy Kong and Little Mac from Famitsu!

— SmashBros-Miiverse (@SmashMiiverse) March 27, 2014