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Gold Prognosticus
reply to KarToon 2 posted 19 days ago

If the program still works and I remember to set it going you'll get a Poster of the Year post at some point within the next day or so.

18 days ago
12LB: POSTER OF THE YEAR 2018 75 users have made a total of 653 posts this year. color=#DAA520: **1. KarToon 2: 126** color=#A9A9B3: /2. Francis: 73/ color=#8B4513: /3. Shining Fame: 59/ 4. Derp the patroopa64: 50 5. kimilsung65: 44 6. AquaYoshi: 31 7. TheEvilShadoo: 29 8. androgynousApocalypse: 22 9. ucantbeme: 18 10. General Guy: 15 11. Ignorant: 14 12. anjeronett: 11 13. FishyG: 10 14. Dark: 9 15. RazorMan: 8 16. Jr. Troopa: 8 17. bob the skeleton: 7 18. music11123691: 7 19. supermariolagoon: 6 20. TheFlyingBowser: 6 21. HomarSimpun: 6 22. KetchupYoshi: 5 23. Mardelle: 5 24. jimjimguy123: 4 25. MTT: 4 26. LiterallyJustFoundThisWhilePlayingSPM: 4 27. StarletSkarlet: 4 28. Geno: 3 29. Shadeston: 3 30. WilE04: 3 31. xXgamexandxwatchXx: 3 32. JumboDS64: 2 33. Princess Peach: 2 34. KittyGear: 2 35. Gold Prognosticus: 2 36. Chuck-E-Cheese: 2 37. Spooky Fame: 2 38. Connorinfinity: 2 39. chiakolate nanaimo: 2 40. The Lamp Devil: 2 41. AlFuze: 2 42. tpptp: 2 43. MegaMario: 2 44. Doopliss: 1 45. Mineqwerty: 1 46. music111: 1 47. I PLAY MINCREAFT!: 1 48. TDG2047: 1 49. Akira The AAAA: 1 50. Test: 1 51. games: 1 52. Poppet: 1 53. prolight: 1 54. TheSpaceMan: 1 55. Mr. Dimentio: 1 56. kr3wd00d yt nerr: 1 57. SoHiTechnicaaaaal: 1 58. RileyBoi: 1 59. Mr. Muffin64: 1 60. NoobMaster: 1 61. Dee-jay luig-jay: 1 62. Paper Mario Rocks!: 1 63. Epiphany: 1 64. Xiel: 1 65. rebane2001: 1 66. Toad: 1 67. Toab: 1 68. The PlayBoy: 1 69. Kr3wd00d yt: 1 70. Snoc128: 1 71. BasicallyAStallion: 1 72. Master Impersonator Mimi: 1 73. Mr. Muffin: 1 74. 12Oatmeal: 1 75. MythicalMew: 1 Here's to another great year!
Gold Prognosticus6

NerrBot no longer has a face apparently but okay.

reply to KarToon 2 posted 18 days ago

welp, this is our christmas tree

reply to posted 18 days ago

noice, 6th place


7th, not too shabby.


tbh not too surprised Francis is in 2nd place lol

KarToon 25

NERRBOT'S BACK!!! I think I'm going to cry!


i thought it was ded lol

KarToon 2

So did I! But boy, does that take me back. I remember in either 2015 or 2016 Klaus turned out to have made a post for almost every day in the year. I guess that should be my new year's goal.

KarToon 2

related: https://www.vidlii.com/watch?v=hixfFvCyyrE


Omg ... Nerrbot. (I know my stuff decently well around here although I’ve probably forgot a lot. I’ve only ever stalked Digibutter and never really did much).

Derp the patroopa64

well lookit that 4. place

KarToon 21

lurking is good, well done

Shining Fame

Yaay 3rd Place! I Hope This Year Will Be Great

Shining Fame
15 days ago
11New Years Resolutions Thread: (My Resolution Is To Stop Making Resolutions That You Can't Keep)

my resolution is i wont waste time to make a resolution i can't keep

KarToon 2

New years resolution is to be NUMBAH WAN again

KarToon 2
13 days ago
2How about another music thread? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q3lpoGABH6A
reply to Shining Fame posted 12 days ago

start experimenting with new technology to build a new bitlands game

KarToon 2

beat this, bitches


Mine is to find some more cool ways to use my hacked Wii. And also maybe get higher than a 7th place poster in time for 2020

KarToon 24

Noble aspiration Don't forget respiration

Shining Fame1

Don't Forget To Breathe Great Resolution With This One The New Years Resolution Angel Won't Kill You

12 days ago
3ok why is this still up

Because it’s a good forum

reply to KarToon 2 posted 12 days ago

(*Intense breathing in and out*)

KarToon 2

Does the NYRA know the Tooth Fairy?

KarToon 2

How to be successful: Step 1: breathe Step 2: ??? Step 3: PROFIT

KarToon 2
reply to MarioGamer posted 11 days ago

HEY NOOB make an avatar please



Shining Fame
reply to KarToon 2 posted 11 days ago

Yeah This Got 404'd

The Voice MV
11 days ago
The Voice MV
11 days ago
10I came regarding a particular rumor about a Tiptron model up for sale; I'll take your entire stock.
The Voice MV
reply to bob the skeleton posted 11 days ago

World 6. The Sammer Kingdom should have been a sidequest, not a mandatory challenge. If we're talking about worlds with actual levels, World 4 is the most tedious since its the hardest to navigate, and a lot of the space portions look the same.

Shining Fame2
reply to The Voice MV posted 11 days ago

There's Only One Tiptron, And Mario Is In Possesion Of It, So If You Want It, You Better Find Him

Derp the patroopa641
reply to KarToon 2 posted 11 days ago


reply to bob the skeleton posted 10 days ago

I’d probably say space but if I could say a particular level *cough (Merlee’s basement) *cough although you eventually get through it.

The Voice MV1
reply to Shining Fame posted 10 days ago

Well, for some strange reason, that gent seems to lose contact with his partners with every game he appears in; poor Tiptron is probably sitting in his attic somewhere. What a colossal waste of technology... 999 coins was far too generous of a price.

Shining Fame
reply to TheEvilShadoo posted 10 days ago

yeah i really hate merlee's basement

Shining Fame
reply to The Voice MV posted 10 days ago

I´m Gonna Go See Him Tonight And Ask About It



Shining Fame

How Much Did Mario Sell It For?

The Voice MV

I'll pay double the price you paid and an entry into the Smash Roster. I have far too many uses for a Tiptron model to allow an opportunity like this to pass by.


Don't bother, it will be obsolete as soon as I finish Tiptron Mk. II

Shining Fame2

tiptron mkII blueprints i made these they're not very high quality but they're good enough https://sta.sh/01hhh2iksdo4

Derp the patroopa643
reply to bob the skeleton posted 9 days ago

its been a while since i played the game myself, the basement is where you meet Mimi right? anything including that nightmare creature of an adorable green girl is more confusing for my emotions than annoying

Derp the patroopa64
reply to Shining Fame posted 9 days ago

a bit late but cut my god damned hair, i havent ever had short hair

Shining Fame2
reply to Derp the patroopa64 posted 8 days ago

YES That Basement Was Super Confusing To Navigate And Mimi Probably Gave Me Childhood Trauma And Trying To Navigate The Basement With Her Running Around Trying To Murder You Is A Total Pain

The Voice MV
reply to Shining Fame posted 8 days ago

Looks promising... I'll pre-order the first model right now.