REVIEW: [GREAT!] me thoughts on DKCR
Posted by Super-Claus Nov 21 2010 19:24 GMT in Donkey Kong Country Returns
- Like?

Donkey Kong Country returns be kinda like ectasy, everything about it just feels so good.

I suggest ye buy it, it be hard as hell, the levels be beutiful, the OST be amasing, 'n the gameplay be tight 'n easy t' pick up. me only complaint be that ye can't add a second player in mid level, ye have t' exit the level, sacrafice a life t' add them, 'n then start the level all over again. I give it 9.5/10 , though if I only count single player it be a solid 10/10.


be that a poison mushroom, a super mushroom, or a star?
I can't tell
Reply by ©na Nov 21 2010 19:38 GMT
Cap'n Francis needs t' make the reviews equal 1-5 stars instead a this mushroom business
Reply by Viddd Nov 21 2010 19:45 GMT
What's the point a a rating anyways? The review best contain a description accurate enough t' tell ye whether or not it be enjoyable or not, along with it be merits 'n demerits.
Reply by weedlord bonerhitler Nov 21 2010 19:51 GMT
it be a tl;dr thing, flavio
Reply by Viddd Nov 21 2010 19:51 GMT
Just bought it
Reply by Slim Nov 21 2010 21:24 GMT
As YouTube proved, people only rate things as 1 or 5. Well I think there be a middle "this be ok, but not amazing". Bad, OK, or Awesome. Super-Dim's 9/10 would be a Star rating... one a the best game there be.
@Super-Dimento, want me t' turn this post into a review?
Reply by Francis Nov 21 2010 21:49 GMT
i still think the stars idea be better
Reply by Nastasia Nov 21 2010 22:07 GMT
@Cap'n Francis sure why not
Reply by Super-Claus Nov 21 2010 22:33 GMT
Cap'n Francis be right, people don't vote in gradients on the internet. it be the same reason why Newgrounds be *crag*ed.
Reply by Popple Nov 21 2010 22:49 GMT
it be not that Newgrounds doesn't vote in gradients, rather they only vote in tens.
Reply by weedlord bonerhitler Nov 22 2010 00:35 GMT
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