Looking back: Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door
Posted by GoNintendo Feb 14 2011 03:35 GMT in Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door
- Like?


man, i really need to play this
Reply by Francis Feb 14 2011 05:30 GMT

You still haven't played it?!

Reply by MM Feb 14 2011 19:04 GMT
God damn it francis you get out the game right now and take the *crag*ing plastic off and put the disc in your gamecube or wii and you sit your ass in front of that tv and you play THE ENTIRE THING
Reply by Nastasia Feb 14 2011 19:19 GMT

MeowMixer just about sums it up.

If you haven't played TTYD by the beginning of March then M'aiq will have to kick you in the nads.

Reply by Maiq the Liar Feb 14 2011 19:44 GMT
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