So recently youtube, mega video, and a ton of other video hosting sites have been having the same problem with me...
Posted by Super-Claus Apr 22 2011 23:29 GMT in Hi-Technical Support
- Like?

the sites/ video player doesn't load some videos and freezes on the ones it does

and I know its not firefox becuase it doesn't work in IE(insert version #) or chrome either.

I've tried reseting my internet, and restarting my computer.both of them did nothing.

anybody know how to fix this?


btw this all started about a week ago when i downloaded this ad-on for firefox called 'Video DownloadHelper', I already removed it, no improvements
Reply by Super-Claus Apr 22 2011 23:36 GMT
also youtube works fine on the other accounts on this computer, so i know it's not the computer itself
Reply by Super-Claus Apr 22 2011 23:37 GMT
upgrading to firefox 4 did nothing either
Reply by Super-Claus Apr 23 2011 12:10 GMT
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