The Brand Still Burns: New Soul Calibur Probably Getting Announced Next Month
Posted by Giant Bomb Apr 28 2011 19:55 GMT in Super Street Fighter IV
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In the wake of the recent resurgence of fighting games as a thing people outside of the EVO scene are actually excited about, many have wondered aloud when Soul Calibur would get to join in all the fighting game fun and frolicking that Street Fighter, Marvel vs. Capcom and Mortal Kombat are currently hogging all to themselves, like giant fun and frolic hogs. Evidently, the answer is soon.

Odashima, Daishi - "Portrait of the Artist, with  Spreadsheet and Plastic Sword" - circa 2010 Though we've known for a while that a new Soul Calibur game of some fashion was currently being assembled at Namco Bandai Games, thanks in no small part to frequent and deeply excited tweets from project leader Daishi Odashima, one of which put an especially firm stamp on the notion, reading "SC is back!". 
However, the question of when we might learn anything about the title remained unanswered... until this week! Odashima recently stated rather flatly via Twitter that hopefully, he'd be able to start talking about the details project in earnest in mid-May.

That time frame would seem to be backed up by this Namco Bandai teaser site, which is currently counting down to May 11th for "The Beginning of a New Chapter" of something. After repeatedly checking my math, i can confirm that May 11th is, in fact, in mid-May, so this all seems to add up. Also, there is a giant sword on the teaser site. So there's that.

Go ahead and set your smart phone alerts for May 11th in rapt anticipation of a new Soul Calibur game announcement, and then we can all be super disappointed together when that countdown ends up revealing another Digimon game.

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