Cbox Filters
Posted by Viddd Jun 03 2011 17:24 GMT in Cbox
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img-start (Starts the image tags. Remove http and the colon, leaving the // behind.)

img-startwide (Starts image tags for images wider than tall. Again, remove http and the colon.)

Note: You can add big to the end of start (img-startbig and img-startbigwide) to make it larger.

img-end (Ends image tags.)

spoiler-start and spoiler-end (Starts and ends spoiler tags.)

strike-start and strike-end (Starts and ends strike-through tags.)

sbhjfont (Talk in big Comic Sans Ms. Type this before your sentence.)

bigfont (When yelling over the internet is cool. Type before your sentence, again.)

filter emotes





i'll add more to this later i guess


youtube-start //www.youtube.com/embed/[YOUR URL HERE] youtube-end

You see this youtube URL right here? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nWClf5mLu1M

That red segment is what you put in the [YOUR URL HERE] slot.  Voila, you have a Youtube embed. Don't abuse the Youtube video feature; aka don't spam it.

You can also replace youtube-start with Youtube-musicstart for a music player.

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i don't like enforcing rules either, but nas and francis are gonna get mad if people abuse this shit
Reply by Viddd Jun 03 2011 20:00 GMT
It's physically impossible for Francis to get mad.
Reply by Tails Doll Jun 04 2011 16:37 GMT

Does this count?

Reply by Gold Prognosticus Jun 04 2011 16:58 GMT
Not really. He wasn't even close to touching the banhammer.
Reply by Tails Doll Jun 04 2011 17:19 GMT

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ahaha oh wow^
Reply by Fallen Shade Jun 04 2011 19:44 GMT

Dimfish:Dimfish</b>&#58; i'm a fag <font color="white">

just so i remember how to make non-breaking colons, and do this

Reply by Viddd Jun 06 2011 23:41 GMT
img-unlimited and unlimited-end
you can now post as large and unsafe images that you want; under spoiler tags
Reply by Viddd Jun 11 2011 21:10 GMT
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