E3 is here. Announcing digi.vg
Posted by Francis Jun 07 2011 14:35 GMT in Digibutter News
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In a few hours is Nintendo's press conference where they will reveal a new console system.

Microsoft's press briefing consisted of mostly Kinect stuff and announcing a new Halo trilogy.

Sony's showed sequels, a Playstation TV with 3D glasses that allow two local players to have their own full screen, and the NGP which is now the "Playstation Vita" and will cost the same as the 3DS.

and just in time for the flood of E3 news is my new site... DIGI.VG.  Pronounced "digi dot vigi".  It is sort of a re-purposing of digibutter to be totally gaming focused.  (Your same digibutter account works there)  It will only show gaming topics, and the home page will group similar posts together (sort of like Google News), so it will always be a good view of the popular latest news.  Right now it's a really rough beta proof-of-concept, but expect it become more polished over time.

This lets digibutter focus on community and other random crap.  I can do whatever I want to digibutter and not worry about scaring away people who just want gaming news (which, we actually get a lot of traffic for btw).


Site owners usually get some kind of information on visitor traffic right? If I'm thinking of the right thing, Francis should be able to see where the visitors are being linked to this site from - it would be interesting to know how the majority of visitors are finding us these days.
Reply by Gold Prognosticus Jun 07 2011 14:59 GMT
Most visitors come from Google searches for various gaming related topics
Reply by Francis Jun 07 2011 15:11 GMT
Thankfully I only had one final today
Reply by Slim Jun 07 2011 15:19 GMT
I got home from my last exam of the year a bit over five hours ago. *loltimezones*
Reply by Gold Prognosticus Jun 07 2011 15:23 GMT



Sky General

plain blue backgrounds are eye-burning, francis; figured if it was gonna be blue it should retain its roots

Reply by Viddd Jun 08 2011 04:26 GMT

Perhaps something like this would be useful for users to see what other sites are available and switch between them easily. (Assuming Francis doesn't want to completely de-associate the two sites, which would be hard seeing as there's overlap between the sites at the moment anyway.)

Reply by Gold Prognosticus Jun 08 2011 12:34 GMT
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