Donkey Kong ‘94 - more footage
Posted by GoNintendo Jun 18 2011 18:35 GMT in Donkey Kong '94
- Like?


this game was so good. I wonder if the 3DS lets you use the Super Game Boy border.
Reply by Francis Jun 18 2011 21:30 GMT
I mad. I can't find a ROM of this anywhere.
Reply by Linkshot Jun 20 2011 15:51 GMT

I still have this game for my Gameboy. I really wish I had something to PLAY IT WITH THOUGH SINCE I LOST THE GAMEBOY >:(

Reply by Orangesoda Jun 20 2011 20:33 GMT
I never got past the desert world in this game. :(
Reply by Tails Doll Jun 20 2011 23:12 GMT
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