Gaming posts on the index page shouldn't redirect to
Posted by Gold Prognosticus Jul 31 2011 16:32 GMT in Feedback
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Having the link to the site in the section header is fine, but it's a pain if I want to read a post from that section and then have to manually return to regular Digibutter before I can view user posts. Same goes for the 'Hawt Games' section on navigation bar on the right - if I want to view a game's forum from that list or view a list of all the games on the site, it takes me over to and I than have to manually return to Digibutter before I can view anything else. I know Francis is trying to promote now that he's put in the effort of creating it, but unless an easy way to return to regular Digibutter is added it would be far less awkward just to have the links in question point to the Digibutter equivalent.


well, it may not be an issue when I remove "Hawt Games" and the gaming news section on the frontpage. My plan is to make digibutter more "generic". Treating all posts and forums equally instead of giving games a greater focus. The gaming forums will still be accessible, but won't be given preference over any other forum. Basically everything will revolve around user activity instead of games.
Reply by Francis Jul 31 2011 18:47 GMT
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